Sunday, 27 December 2009

I’ve lost my off switch

Have you seen it anywhere?

You already heard about Christmas Day. Yesterday I had very boring meals – soup, salad, cereal – but grazed all day on other stuff. All sorts. I even took a walk and a long hot bath to avoid eating – but just started again straight away afterwards.

And so far today is going the same way.

Yesterday I had a good walk, and today I trained on the elliptical walker, so I haven’t lost the plot completely, but I am eating when I’m not hungry and eating the unhealthiest things I can find. I think its partly because the stuff is still here and partly because my holiday entertaining isn’t over yet as my father and his wife are visiting on Tuesday – so my brain or maybe my body is thinking that I might as well carry on until then. I am also feeling quite depressed today. I’m not sure if I’m eating because I’m depressed or the crap that I’m eating is the reason for the depression. Or maybe a bit of both. Roll on the New Year…

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Vegetable soup with 2 grilled cheese & onion sandwiches (they were lovely, but one would’ve been enough)

Dinner: Not sure yet. I was planning on a vegetable fried rice, but that doesn’t really appeal to me now.

Snacks: So far I’ve had rice crackers, dates stuffed with walnuts * 2, Green & Blacks chocolate selection (3 or 4 chocolates), and a slice of buttercream iced ‘healthier’ fruit cake. And an iced pumpkin cranberry bite. And some more all bran (that was actually planned, the rest wasn’t).

Weight today: 10 st 5 lbs, but I know that is certainly not all real weight.

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Do you know anyone who sells off switches? That would be useful ...

    This is the problem with overeating. It's difficult to bring things back to where they should be. But I have to say it doesn't sound like you're doing too badly.

    Maybe the depression is just the after effect of all that preparation and work and excitement. I'm sure you must be pretty tired. Just try to rest and have some quality time with M.

    Bearfriend xx