Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I’ve been sooo bad

Actually not just for eating over maintenance calories for the second day in a row (and today I didn’t train either, just chilled out with my Mum – but my left shoulder and right knee are both bothering me today so the not training is probably a good thing) - I think I already admitted that I have trouble getting back on plan the first week home after a holiday and I think I did pretty well the first few days - but because I’ve been a bad bad bad blogger and didn’t photograph any of it!!!

Breakfast: Porridge topped with chocolate chips & milled linseeds, and toast (having trouble forgetting those holiday multi-course breakfasts! I know its a terrible idea but I want a waffle iron!)

Lunch: Vegetable burger and chips from Wetherspoons – no 5 bean chilli for me!!! The burger was nice, I may try to recreate it – puy lentils, carrots, Davidstow cheddar cheese, sweet corn and mushrooms. The chips weren’t great, but I really fancied chips and they did kill the craving so what the hell – but it was over 800 cals…

Dinner: A freshly made bowl of split pea soup with chick peas and veggies. Which would have been good, but I’m adding some firecracker cornbread.

Snacks: Now for the embarrassment… a protein smoothie, a protein bar, a little – OK, a lot - popcorn, some raisins… and 3 brandy snaps! Mum’s fault – she bought them and offered me them and I haven’t had them for soooooooo long!!!  Three of them was only 120 cals so I don’t  mind that and will happily consider them a possible future biscuit treat! And I finished off the chocolate chips so they won’t be tempting me anymore! But now I am sooo very tempted to get the car out of the garage and head to the supermarket for something else – I want a cookie! Or a muffin, or some gingerbread – something anyway! I’m 800  cals over today… (that’s over weight loss not maintenance cals) I’m so stupid – but it isn’t the end of the world I guess. Even if I do go shopping later…

Weight today: I was too scared to weigh in!!! And I probably won’t tomorrow either!!!


  1. I don't know what a brandy snap is, but I think I might want one!

    Chrissie, tomorrow is another day. What's done is done. Leave it and move on.

  2. Hi Chrissie. I think the thing here I wouldn't have done is actually the burger and chips. I know Whetherspoons food as the Bear always wants to go there and eat. Whenever I have joined him I've really regreted it, whether on a diet or not. It's just all so greasy! And always tastes mediocre as well. That's my opinion anyway. 800 cals for something that isn't really special is a bit of a waste.

    I don't think the snacks are too bad. Air popped popcorn hardly has any calories so even a big bowlful can't do too much damage.

    I don't know if you'll agree with this, but I find that anything too decadent at breakfast really sets the tone for the whole day. Ie I couldn't have choc chips on my porridge and expect to have a sensible food day! It's like it sets my brain off thinking about foods I shouldn't be having or something. Not that I'm saying that's what happened here, but just wondered what you think about it.

    Somehow I don't think a waffle iron is going to enhance your life ...

    Bearfriend xx