Friday, 18 December 2009


I didn’t walk or train today – unless you count 100 push ups throughout the morning! I realised that its been months since I’ve been doing push ups, and I used to be quite keen on building them up, so I decided to bring them back in, and hopefully introduce some other ‘own bodyweight’ type of resistance work as well. It took me 4 sets to build up to a total of 100, which isn’t bad given that I haven’t done any since about September!

This morning M and I went to Cardiff to test drive a car for him. After lunch we started watching the first part of the two part drama/documentary ‘Che’ – about Che Guevera, obviously. We added it to our lovefilm list after visiting Cuba because we wanted to know more of the history of the country, but to be honest I stopped watching it after about 40 minutes because it wasn’t grabbing me.

I went into the kitchen instead, and started making cookie dough. If you’ve read the posts from September you’ve already seen these cookies – the ‘World Peace’ cookies – when I made them for my colleagues at work. Only M and myself got to try them from our family, and they were good enough that I decided then to make more for my family. I made the dough today and froze it to cook on the days that they’ll be eaten / handed out – I haven’t tried cooking them frozen before, but it sounds simple enough. It seems to be that it demonstrated that I need a stand mixer though! I have a blender and a Magimix, but neither is as good for baking as a stand mixer would be. Not sure M will agree though given how many appliances I already have squeezed into our kitchen!

I might start again now, I have a few loaves of raisin bread to make (I freeze them whole so I can’t eat them if the evil binge monster comes out)

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Soup and a sausage sandwich (low fat sausages of course!)


Dinner: I made a (sadly too) mild chilli with a packet mix, quorn, bulgar wheat, mushrooms and a mixture of kidney beans and chick peas. I made enough for 4 meals, so I’ll have to add more spice for the rest – I guess that will teach me to wimp out and buy mild packet mixes when I know I like a kick in my food! I tend to tone that down when I’m not using meat, but this time it was a step too far.


Weight today:

I know this was a fluke, but I enjoyed it anyway! 10 st 3.4 lbs. I have a feeling tomorrow will be disappointing in comparison :-(

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Pretty amazing that you managed so many push ups after such a long time not doing them.

    Too mild chilli - a sprinkling of tabasco or some Nandos chilli sauce would have sorted it out in an instant. I used to be addicted to Nandos Extra Hot sauce and it's low on calories too. In fact I used to get upset in the summer when it was too hot to have it!

    Bearfriend xx