Monday, 7 December 2009

Friday 27/11/09

Breakfast: a new addition, a mushroom & peppers omelette



Lunch: Antipasti (you’ve seen it before!) followed by a Pizza Rustica (mushrooms and potato). The pizza was OK but not special.  I didn’t much like the mushrooms in Cuba, they all seemed to be tinned or bottled or something – maybe mushrooms don’t grow there?


The local birds didn’t seem to be put off though…


Dinner: buffet again, nothing exceptional except their cookies were very good!


Training on Friday involved me playing squash against M. he cheated! By being better than me, taller than me, stronger than me…. oh yes, and knowing how to play. I was thrashed. Multiple times. But it was fun! My right arm and shoulder ached for days though – and just when I’d decided it was my own fault for not building up my arms with resistance training, M admitted that his was too!!!

Some gratuitous beach shots for you… love that blue sky!




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