Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Family Wednesday

My mum and her OH came for the day today. It was a lovely day, lots of chatting, more food than usual but not obscenely so! I didn’t get any exercise except for baking cookies and a bit of housework today – and this evening it has rained buckets and is now extremely cold, so I doubt if I’ll be able to walk far tomorrow!

I’m quite tired now though, so I’ll get straight to the food!

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on toast


Lunch: Home made pizzas with home made oven chips. I made 2 pizzas, half a pizza each, all with different toppings. Mine was the vegetable half seen in the top photo! This was followed by a sliver of each of my 2 fruit cakes for everyone – and the consensus of opinion was that both were really good (Yay!!!) so if I feel like making it again next year I can just do the healthier version without feeling like I’m depriving anyone!



Dinner: ‘High tea’ was a buffet (on small scale) of random nibbles. Mixed sandwiches, rice crackers, vegetable crisps, pork pies, cookies and cherries followed by a mince pie with cointreau cream – which is wonderful by the way!




Snacks: An apple, a few salted pistachios and a small amount of Nibl Jaffa berry choc.

Weight today: 10 st 3.4 lbs… again!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. That looks like a lovely spread you laid on for your mum and OH. Those cookies look wonderful. And I really envy you the mince pie and boozy cream. I did my food shopping today and failed to get any mince pies as I could only get a box of 6 - and we know where that leads! So I will have to try tomorrow. Shopping on Christmas Eve - yuck!

    Can we have a shot of what the fruit cakes look like when cut? A real triumph that they liked them both equally.

    Bearfriend xx