Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Around the world in 80 meals

As I’ve been pointing out (as if you haven’t noticed) how boring my cooking has been getting lately, I decided to challenge myself to cook new things more often. And this is how I’ve decided to do it! (Yes, I have recently read Around the world in 80 days….)

I’m going to start incorporating a minimum of one meal a week based on the cuisine of different countries around the world (at least based on the recipes available in cookbooks and on the internet, I’m not claiming to be able to ensure authenticity!)

Most of the dishes will be main course meals, possibly with less authentic accompaniments; occasionally they may just be a dessert or baked goods, but I intend to incorporate as many different nations as I can, and will of course include photographs  along the way!  Obviously its likely that I’ll be limited by ingredients when it comes to truly exotic foods given that I live in Wales. I’m going to try very hard not to tweak the recipes for healthiness or calorie control in an effort to make the cooking be about pleasure and interesting food combinations rather than my ongoing obsession with weight and health – the exception possibly being reduction of the quantity of oil or fat used. I hope this is going to be fun for me and a bit more interesting for you than my usual fare!

Let me know if you have any ideas for must cook dishes!

I’ll probably start next week, and at the moment I think dish #1 may be a spicy West Indian Goat curry – I have a pound of kid stewing meat in the freezer!!!

Oh no – wait – the fruit cake I made for Christmas Day (the unhealthy version) – was a St Lucian Wedding Cake – so I’ve already started!!!

As my Dad and his wife will be visiting today and staying over I won’t be blogging later today – but I’ll be back to tell you how we got on tomorrow!

Weight today: 10 st 5.5 lbs – feeling better already!!!


  1. That sounds like such an exciting project! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Hi Chrissie. I think this is a great idea. Personally I always like looking at your food because it's so healthy. But it is very tempting sometimes to stick to "safe" food, so trying something new at least once a week will break you out of that pattern.

    I've never had goat! I have no idea what it tastes like, but I'm guessing lamb? Or maybe the dish is very spicy so you can't really taste it that much. Be interesting to find out!

    Have a lovely time with your Dad and his wife. Hope it goes well.

    Bearfriend xx

  3. Hi Chrissie,

    This sounds like a great idea. I will keep my eyes open for interesting recipes for you. Enjoy spending time with your family this week.