Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Another baking day!

Not an unmitigated success today – but not a disaster either.

I baked my ‘healthier’ fruit cake today – replaced 2 of the eggs with an equal volume of egg whites, cut an ounce of sugar out – after all there’s a ton of dried fruit in there, and apples too, once I’ve replaced half the butter with applesauce, and I replaced a quarter of the flour with wholemeal flour. As I filled the pan with the batter it looked quite different and less appealing, but I soldiered on regardless, placing a half walnut on top of each half to ensure that I’ll be able to tell them apart (at least until I ice them). They smelt amazing in the oven, every bit as good as the full calorie ones – and they still smell very intoxicating now that they are cooling in the silicon sandwich ‘tins’


Its a little darker than yesterdays because I baked it slightly longer, and it looks shinier – in fact that’s why I baked it longer, because it still looked sticky rather than springy.  I’m fairly pleased with it so far, though of course I haven’t tasted either of them.

I then decided to move onto some muffins – this recipe.

I like baking with vegetables – especially carrot or zucchini bread – and the spices appealed to me. Plus of course the cranberries seemed seasonal at Christmas! I replaced the milk with soya milk because that was all I had – and accidentally replaced the baking soda with baking powder. Oops! They don’t taste bad, though the pumpkin flavour is quite distinct, but they didn’t rise and instead of having a muffin crumb texture they seem more ‘fudgy’ in texture. I’m keeping them – my mum has said she will act as guinea pig / taster next week – but I’m going to bake something extra in case they score a thumbs down. I’ll eat the muffins myself in that case, so they won’t be wasted. The original recipe makes 12 muffins – they must be quite large, as I made 12 medium sized muffins and 30 mini bite sized ones (2 of which I ate today – just testing them!)


The extra baking I’ve decided on will be cookies. Tesco used to sell some I loved – then they stopped of course – oatmeal, cranberry & pumpkin seed. I’ve decided to take an oatmeal-raisin recipe and substitute 2/3s dried cranberries, 1/3 pumpkin seeds. Of course I’ll let you know how it goes! The original commercial cookies balanced apparent healthiness with yumminess, so I’m optimistic!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with tinned peaches

Lunch: Soup and a laughing cow, rocket and peppers sandwich


Dinner: A carrot and chick pea burger, a meat free burger, a big salad, and a small plate of butternut squash chips with cajun seasoning. I used some nice goat’s cheese on the salad – it was lovely and creamy! And the squash fries were excellent – very spicy!



Snacks: A protein smoothie; some fruit compote with cottage cheese;  2 mini pumpkin-cranberry bites, and oh yes, a twix… and I really enjoyed it! I feel no guilt either, I’m finally trying to get my head around the idea of allowing treats that fit into calories without self-recriminations. The only thing I’m annoyed with myself about is that I keep forgetting to drink enough liquids. I don’t want lots of water in this cold weather, but I need to remember to replace it with herbal teas, and that’s what I keep forgetting. Which probably explains… Weight today: 10st 5.1 lbs. Sigh. I’m not too worried, I think things will ‘get moving’ and improve the situation sooner or later!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Fudgey sounds nice! But then, pumpkin fudge? Hmmmm - not sure.

    I saw that nice Hugh F-W making chocolate and beetroot muffins and that sounded very nice. Beetroot are very sweet after all. And a wonderful colour.

    Bearfriend xx