Monday, 14 December 2009

Annoying and frustrating Monday

Today I was planning to donate blood. Unfortunately, I’m getting a cold sore, so they wouldn’t let me. Because I wasn’t expecting that, I started the day off badly – too much food early on, and no early walk or training session because if I’m not careful donating blood makes me wobbly and lightheaded. My appointment was at 11:15, and if I had donated I was thinking about eating in town before getting back behind the wheel of my car. As it was I came home for lunch, and I kept on eating too much. I’m not sure why, I think maybe I felt I had given myself permission to over eat and I was still going to do it even though the reason was gone. Sigh. I’ve eaten just over maintenance calories so far, and I can’t guarantee that I’m done.

Food today:

Breakfast: Baked beans on toast (Weight Watchers beans & nimble bread)

Lunch: Split pea, pumpkin-veg soup (only one portion left now!) and a grilled vegetable sandwich, followed by sugar free jelly.


Dinner: My first ever attempt at macaroni & cheese, from a recipe in the Moosewood Collective’s cook book. It was drier and thicker than I expected, but tasted good, and it was certainly easy. Plus it used up some grated parmesan from my freezer and some cottage cheese that was sitting in the fridge. And yes, I used wholemeal penne instead of any kind of macaroni, what can I say, I prefer the bigger pasta shapes.


Snacks: A Nakd Apple Pie bar, some all bran with peaches, and my first successful attempt at making banana soft serve – which unfortunately lead to my eating 2 bananas today, when usually I restrain myself and eat one at most. Also I had some cheese on toast – reduced fat Cathedral City cheddar that I bought for the mac & cheese.

Weight today: 10 st 4.5 lbs (a post-holiday low, I think – so why didn’t that motivate me to behave myself???) I really feel like I’m just spinning my wheels at the moment, and I don’t know if I lack the motivation to lose the weight, or just don’t want to put in the effort now when I don’t expect to get through the Christmas season unscathed. One way or another though, I definitely have lost my mojo – I’m really struggling to find the interest to plan my meals properly, and that always makes it harder for me to get focused on the goal. Not sure what will help right now -  maybe it’s something I’ll just have to go on struggling with until the New Year comes along and I know I have no major eating events coming up for months. I’m not – so far – as out of control as I can be, so with any luck it will be more of a case of over-all slight gain rather than OMG were did those inches come from???!!!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Strange about them not letting you give blood. Thing is when you've got that virus you've got it forever so I don't really see the difference.

    Just over maintenance isn't too bad at all for a "bad day". Hang on in there - your mojo will return!

    Bearfriend xx