Wednesday, 30 December 2009

All entertaining done – and back to real life!

As much as I love them all, and really enjoyed seeing them, I’m not sorry to see the back of the entertaining circus! I know for partying types I didn’t do very much and it was all low key, but we are talking Queen of the antisocial shy people here (or would be if the antisocial shy people could get together long enough to elect a queen ;-)) plus I definitely went overboard on the baking front – next year I’ll either do a lot less, or I’ll start the prep a lot earlier so that very little effort is needed at the time! Right now I never want to bake again (OK, that’s a lie – I was just reading a post on carrots’n’cake and looking through the photographs on Tartine my immediate thought was ‘I want to try baking a buttermilk scone – followed rapidly by NOT YET!!!)

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Big huge ginormous salad with prawns; Chavroux goat’s cheese on Nimble bread


Dinner: Vegetable soup turned into a curry sauce with added vegetables served on brown rice – and it was yummy!


Snacks: Protein smoothie; 2 dates stuffed with walnuts; snack box of raisins

Weight today was very very nasty – but I don’t hesitate in blaming it on a combination of

  1. stuffing myself with a large volume of food at lunch yesterday;
  2. stuffing myself with lots of reasonably high sodium food at lunch yesterday as well as eating the salt & pepper cashew nuts;
  3. eating sugar in the form of buttercream icing, fruit cake, chocolate, dried fruit etc;
  4. 2 beers, one with lunch and one mid afternoon, with not enough water / herbal tea to prevent water retention

OK, now the excuses are done with, so I’ll come clean….

10 st 7.5 lbs!!!

No, I definitely did not eat 7000 calories over maintenance yesterday – so for once, as much as I cringed and winced on seeing this, I am actually not depressed by it – so there!!!


  1. Hi Chrissie. That prawn salad looks so beautiful! I was thinking today about whether I would ever photo my own food, but then thought how rubbish it looks - and I mean the healthy stuff I make myself. I don't know how you make it all look so good.

    Veg curry and brown rice - reminds me how I used to cook that for myself all the time. So long since I did that. I always put celery in it (I love cooked celery but not raw - too stringy) to bulk it out and apple to thicken the sauce. I could eat a mountain of it for very few calories!

    Your food today was super healthy so I'm sure the scale will will travelling in the other direction very soon. (and I'm sure the salt in that Thai food had a lot to do with it).

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Your prawn salad looks delicious and you have reminded me to buy some when I do my next food shop!

    I am sympathising with the post christmas weight gain, my own gain is shocking and I am so pissed off with myself for going overboard. As you, I know I didn't overeat by enough to gain as much as I have in fat so some of it has to be bloat and water - hopefully this time next week I will be feeling a bit lighter!

    Wishing you a happy 2010 :)