Saturday, 7 November 2009

Theatre Day

Today was a better day with my trip to the theatre - but not diet-wise!
I went into Cardiff this morning for some shopping before the show, planning to go to Wetherspoons for lunch (I'm sure that's not very surprising to anyone who's read my rhapsodising over the nutritional info they supply!) but it was Rugby International Day in Cardiff today - so there was no lunch option! I walked into the bar, to find no tables and chairs and lots of rugby fans standing around the bar...
SO instead I went to Bella Italia and had pasta (steering clear of creamy / cheesey sauces, starters and desserts).
Alas... so I couldn't count my calories, so I didn't bother!
The play was good, although I didn't think the lead was as good as Ronnie Barker by quite a stretch (not his fault, I really like Ronnie Barker in the role!)
I bought some mini loaf tins for making mini novelty breads in before lunch, then went to a health food shop where I found some snack size Nakd bars (yay!) and a snack pack of Dr Karg seeded spelt crackers.
After lunch I went to Bravissimo and finally bought some new bras and some matching briefs. I don't like shopping for underwear, but they do make it about as painless as it can be - and I love that the well-endowed woman is their target audience!!!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries
Spaghetti gamberi (except I subbed wholewheat fusilli for the spaghetti) - spicy tomato sauce with prawns, and a diet coke
Kudu fillet (a South African game animal) with a big salad

Protein smoothie, Shapers yoghurt with honey from Boots. Plus... ooops.... a skinny vanilla latte and biscotti at Starbucks. And a couple of wasabi nuts and chilli nuts bought in the Cardiff Central Market - they are gooood!!!
Weight today: 10 st 4 lbs exactly - that'll be the scones last night! After having 3 of them for 'supper' I threw the last 2 in the pack away and managed to stop eating before I hit the physical pain stage. Depressing that it claims to have led me to gain 2.5 lbs since yesterday, but I know I wasn't that far over, so once the effects of last night and today have 'passed on by' I expect things to improve again!
Stay Healthy



  1. It's the biscotti -- I love those things beyond words -- can't buy them -- and haven't since I got brave enough to read their content, groan! Anyway, good luck! (And Wales is beautiful; my husband was in Cardiff a couple of months ago.)

  2. Hi Chrissie. Sad we don't have a Bella Italia here. We are very limited! When I was in London we used to eat out a various Italian places all the time. Sigh ... those were the days. You may have kick started a craving for pasta.

    The "gain" can only be carb water so I'm sure it'll be gone very soon.

    Dreaming I was back in London again ....

    Bearfriend xx