Friday, 13 November 2009


This morning we went out to test drive a car for M and on the way back decided to stop for a meal at our favourite local restaurant - a great Thai & Indian food restaurant. The food was amazing as always, but I didn't remotely try to be good and on the way home from there went to Waitrose where I bought a gingerbread pumpkin, a small bag of vegetable crisps, and a small box of chocolate-coated black currants - all of which I have already eaten - and a beer, which I haven't yet drunk. I was feeling quite bingey there after we got back, but the one saving grace is that it seems to have run its course - and now I'm not interested in food at all!
Food today:
All bran with tinned peaches
Chicken sate starter


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Steamed sea bass with ginger, chillies & lemon (fantastic!)

Steamed sea bass

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With a shared side dish of stir fried vegetables with cashew nuts and an (un-pictured) bowl of steamed rice
Parfait caramel - yum!!!
What do you think of the pictures? They were taken with my mobile as I didn't plan a meal out & never took my camera - I think they came out surprisingly well! There were other pictures, but I can't seem to upload them - sorry!
Nothing so far - still not hungry!
see above....
Weight this morning a not too unacceptable 10 st 2.1 lbs (142.1 lbs)
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  1. Hi Chrissie. That meal out looks delish - and plenty of protein there too. I'm not surprised you're not hungry this evening! I don't think you've overdone it totally to excess.

    The pictures came out very well - it's surprising how good cameras on phones can be. They've come out lighter and brighter than your usual photos. I can't imagine that the light was so much better than normal so it must be a setting on the camera. To be able to get such close ups is pretty good.

    Hope you get a good nights sleep and are not in such pain anymore,
    Bearfriend xx