Tuesday, 17 November 2009

No more cry baby!

For now anyway. I want to apologise for my pathetic whining yesterday! You were so nice to be encouraging and tell me what I should have worked out for myself if I wasn't too busy wallowing! The irony is, when I first tasted the gammon that I ate the day before yesterday my first thought was 'oh, salty - but delicious' - yet when I weighed myself yesterday all I thought was 'No -this can't be happening to me!'. Hmph. Water retention sucks!
I made the decision yesterday to go vegetarian for the rest of the week as I usually feel lighter then. It was based on a theory that because I'm not eating as much meat these days it was having a blocking effect digestively. Now that I know its probably not about that, I'm still going to try to steer clear of the meat for a few days simply to feel better. So expect some weirdly unbalanced looking meals when my imagaination runs out!
Yesterdays food:
All bran with peaches
Split pea vegetable soup with artisan bread & laughing cow. I've now used up the dough I had sitting in the fridge, and decided that I prefer this bread made with dough that's been refrigerated over night, not longer - its gets more of a dense sourdough effect that I'm less keen on.

Quorn-bulgar bolognese with spiralised vegetables and sweetheart cabbage

Fromage frais with frozen fruit (defrosted)

Protein smoothie, dark chocolate-coated marzipan bar (oops - but although I'm not that keen on marzipan for some reason I've been craving it for about a week now - and at about 176 calories it was a fairly harmless way to get the craving done with!)
I started the day with 40 mins on the ellipticla walker, and also walked into town with my trademark laden rucksack, so plenty of exercise for me!
I can't resist leaping ahead to give you today's weight even though its muddled in with yesterday's food:
10 st 2 lbs (142 lbs) - much better! All that water yesterday did help!
Thanks again for your support yesterday, it really made me feel better. I need you all to keep sane so please don't get bored with my ramblings and abandon me!!!
Stay Healthy

Chrissie xxx


  1. Glad you are feeling better today!

  2. Hi Chrissie. Ridiculous to think we would abandon you just because you were feeling bad! I'm glad your salt water thing has resolved and everything is feeling much better now.

    That soup is really looking like a vegetable casserole. Packed with goodies. You eat so heartily! It looks fab. And I love the look of all that veg for dinner - in fact I had a stack of veg like that with some cod last night and it was delish.

    Sanity restored!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  3. thanks for you input on my post! i have been to wales before~so so so gorgeous! you are lucky to live there :) have a great day!!