Thursday, 12 November 2009

No baking today!

But rather a lot of piggish behaviour....
Ah well, my calories for the week are well down so I don't care! Plus I managed to walk into town before the heavens opened and my garden started to drown, so I'm tired, and clearly need the fuel... Actually something weird happened with my hip as I headed for home (god, that makes me sound about 70!) My left hip started twinging with every step, somewhat uncomfortable! Luckily it eased up as I walked so I didn't have to limp 2.5 miles, but it was unpleasant while it lasted so I think tomorrow I'll try to do something lower impact - cardio machines or pilates - rather than going for another long walk.
French toast! Made with my beer bread, egg whites, vanilla extract & soya milk, served with stewed apples and a tiny drizzle of maple syrup. It was good!

Vegetable soup with half a piece of firecracker cornbread crumbled into it; salad topped with the other half of the piece of cornbread, goat's cheese & pomegranate seeds

Stir fried vegetable 'noodles' with quorn chicken style fillet and more vegetables.

Protein smoothie, cashew cookie nakd bar, chocolate chip cookie!!!!! (They just looked so good when I was in Waitrose this morning and I didn't try very hard to resist, though eating the whole thing was a mistake & made me feel slightly nauseated), peanut butter, walnuts & 100,000,000,000 raisins, yoghurt with tinned peaches.
EDIT: And 2 slices of my artisan bread with reduced sugar jam, and a lot of frozen banana. Weigh in tomorrow will not be pretty....
Weight: 10 st 1.4 lbs (141.4 lbs)
Stay Healthy


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  1. Hi Chrissie. Strange how things like that just happen. At least you were able to keep going. I managed to go for a good walk yesterday but today it's really dark - almost like night - and absolutely chucking it down. Really really heavy so I won't be going anywhere.

    Interesting breakfast! I never eat acid fruit with starchy carbs as they don't seem like a natural combination to me. But I have to admit that that breakfast does look good! What is it about fried bread?

    Your food looks wonderful as usual - apart from the extras! But even they are fairly healthy.

    Weather is due to stay bad all through tomorrow. I'm hoping (as I live in the attic) that the roof doesn't blow off in the next 24 hours ...

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx