Monday, 9 November 2009

Mood still on an upswing...

... in fact I'm feeling fairly happy today! I got a better night's sleep last night so I'm feeling quite awake, I had a good walk into town today, went to the library and got some interesting books... so all in all, a good Monday!
Now exciting baking today though. I'm still in the mood for getting covered in flour, but can't decide what to make! Any one got any suggestions? One that I keep considering is baked doughnuts, but I think that might be a little risky given my proclivities.... I might just go for another batch of spelt crackers if I can't think of anything else, but I'm always keen to get new ideas!
Food today:
All bran with pomegranate seeds and cottage cheese

Vegetable soup with more veggies added (and some thai curry paste); plus a sandwich of laughing cow, roasted red pepper and salad.

Vegetable curry with some mango chutney, tomatoes and cucumber. The curry was just a slightly bland sauce-in-a-jar that I'm trying to use up, once that's gone I have plans to make some Indian dishes from scratch so don't give up on me in boredom!

Protein bar, protein smoothie, Dr Karg seeded spelt cracker snackpack; also some wasabi & chili nuts and raisins. And a few slices of frozen banana - I love that stuff!!!
Weight this morning 10st 2.5 lbs (142.5 lbs)
Stay Healthy


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  1. Hi Chrissie. Glad you had a great day yesterday. I would definitely steer clear of anything to do with doughnuts! Better to buy just a single doughtnut than to make say 6 of them. They have to be eaten practically the same day anyway so not a good idea unless you have a gathering of people to give them to.

    I'd go with the crackers and perfect that recipe.

    Hope today is feeling as good as Monday,
    Bearfriend xx