Thursday, 19 November 2009

Devizes visit

I was trying earlier to work out the last time I went to Devizes, and it was a little depressing to realise it was about 20 years... thinking about anything I was doing 20 years ago makes me feel soooo old!
Anyway, I got to my Mum's house a bit later than I'd planned - almost 10 am. Before going out I had to say hello to her cat - sadly, he is about 12 and has been having kidney issues. Lately he's been refusing to eat, and has lost weight, so my Mum & her OH have decided if he doesn't start picking up soon they will have to have him put out of his misery. Its a heart breaking decision to make, but they can't let him starve himself to death... in a way, this visit was partly to say goodbye to him. However, the good news was that the novelty value of my visit seemed to perk him up a bit! He has been going off to sit staring into space by himself a lot, but when I called him over he came to see me, and he was persuaded to drink some milk, eat a little fishy catfood, and sit on some laps. It was good to see, but what used to be a satisfying solid-feeling cat now feels like a bag of bones in a fur coat, so I'm afraid to hope too much that he's really doing better. Free Blinkies
We headed into Devizes on market day. Its a really good market place to visit - as well as the main market in the square there was an antique and collector's fair in the Corn Exchange, and a little market called The Shambles (The Famous Shambles, in fact!):
In this market was a wonderful little butchers stall selling the most amazing Pork & Leek sausages, among other things. I bought a pack of pork & leek, and a pack of sea salt, sage & black pepper sausages, for £5 - and even though I'd crossed over into England, the stallkeeper told me the pigs were Welsh!!! I'm thinking of saucy sausages with lentils... Don't they look good?

Here are a few shots of the beautiful old buildings in the town. There's a magnificent brewery, which offers Brewery tours, so I think I may go for a tour some time in the future! (The Brewery is the big red building at the end of the road)

The Corn Exchange:

Food today:
All bran with a satsuma - slightly disappointing, I didn't feel the satsuma went well with the cereal, but it was the only fruit I had in!
Wetherspoons Five Bean Chili - I didn't bother photographing it as you've seen it before - and a diet coke. No dessert!
Home-made split pea veggie soup with a ton of extra vegetables added, served with seeded wholemeal bread and laughing cow.

And a beer... I liked this one a lot!

Protein bar, babybel light cheese, and... in Devizes I went into Somerfield and bought a pastry that I used to be addicted to - an almond & cherry croquante. The Somerfield in Chepstow has stopped selling them since Co-op took over, so I bought one today as a one off. And it really was a one off - because I found it very disappointing. I ate half of it, and threw away the other half. I was actually kind of pleased, as its clearly packed with calories and unhealthy carbs!

Weight today proved the connection between smoked gammon and water retention... 10 st 3.5lbs... Sad Emoticons. It doesn't bother me this time, as I now understand what's going on!
Stay Healthy



  1. Hi Chrissie, The pictures are beautiful. It looks like it was a really fun day. I am sorry to hear about your Mum's cat. We lost a cat earlier this year and it is always sad, they are family members to us. I think you have the right attitude about the weight gain. I am really working on not being too attached to the weight and focusing on healthy behaviors.

  2. Hi Chrissie. Devizes is a beautiful place. I love those Georgian buildings. They really do it for me. Like so many perfect dolls houses. And of course I love The Bear Hotel!

    Sad about the Kitty. It's tough when they get like that. I've been through it myself.

    Bearfriend xx