Friday, 6 November 2009

A Day off

Today is my first wedding anniversary - so no dieting today!
Well, not much anyway... I started the day off thinking I might be able to enjoy myself within calories, and then decided otherwise! Actually, I say enjoy within calories but the truth is, I'm feeling depressed right now, I don't know why, and I can't switch it off because I should be feeling perky and over-flowing with love & merriness, so... actually I've eaten too much looking for the comfort eating effect. The timing of my poor mood sucks. Yesterday I was in bed (reading and feeling sorry for myself) by 6 pm, yes I said 6 pm.... and left to myself today would go the same way. I feel pathetic and guilty for being depressed as there's no specific trigger (unless you count the recent crappy weather - and I don't think I have SAD so I can't blame that...)
Food today:
All bran with strawberries
Vegetable soup (with madras curry paste, cauliflower & broccoli added), a salad with roasted red pepper and goat's cheese, and some nimble with laughing cow

MASSIVE beef burger with salad & baked sweet potato

Sunflower honey bread with banana jam; Sultana & honey scone with a dollop of fromage frais and a dollop of reduced sugar jam * 3 (so far);
150 g pot of Ben & Jerry's - Vanilla Toffee Crunch flavour. YUM! But 405 calories? Seriously???? Hence the realisation that the calories weren't going to be favourable. Ah well, one only has one anniversary a year, and one first anniversary per marriage LOL so I'm going to make the most of the excuse while it lasts!!! And that means some booze as well... Sparkling wine followed by this interestingly named beer...

Oh, and I've had no exercise today either... I was woken up at 2 am by a bird crashing around in the attic overhead (I'm trying not to think about what it might have been doing in there) and being me, couldn't get back to sleep... so I've been tired, depressed at the weather, and hungry alllll day. I had to resort to a jigsaw puzzle this afternoon... and obviously that wasn't enough to keep my eating in check. AAAARRGGGHHH
I actually want to eat until it hurts.... and have the ability to do so. This is bad....
Stay Healthy



  1. Hi Chrissie. Happy first wedding aniversary! I had no idea you hadn't even been married a year. Strange that you're a bit depressed then. But presumably M will have a few treats or other loveliness lined up for you this weekend. I hope so anyway. If you can't enjoy the early years of a marriage then when can you ...

    I think you can excuse yourself counting calories today as it is such a special occasion.

    I really hope you get some good sleep soon - well you should after the alcohol surely! And that your mood is better over the weekend.

    Have a special time with M,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Hi, I hopped over here from Geekyweirdo's blog (I love blog hopping ;-))

    Have to say I love the names of UK beers/ales. My English sister in law is a "real ale aficionado" and every now and then produces something with a very bizarre name.