Sunday, 8 November 2009

Baking day!

I baked today - not an unqualified success, but pretty good! Home-made bagels!!!
They came out very very dense - an unsympathetic judge might even say as heavy as lead... but they were better than I expected! I used half-wholemeal flour, half white, and I think perhaps that wasn't the best idea - using all white flour would have been better, or maybe I should have increased the yeast? Either way it was interesting to have a go, and though I found the shaping very hard work most of them were some variation on a theme of roundish with a hole in the middle, so not a bad first effort!
I was so worn out from all my kneading I wasn't going to bother doing any other activity today, and spent most of the afternoon on my jigsaw. But I was feeling a bit guilty because I was also very hungry and had eaten my snacks by lunchtime, so when M asked if I could make a hot chili (no recipe - it's another lazy packet mix!) for his dinner I used that as motivation to get my ass off the chair and walk into town. Coming back my rucksack was very very heavy and I'm now shattered again! But glad I went as I burned lots of calories and got some fresh air, which is always good. There was even the (very) odd glimpse of sunshine now and then! The only unfortunate thing was that when I got dressed this morning I threw on my favourite 'slob around the house' sweatshirt (I bought it at the Houston Space Center about 13 years ago) and forgot to change... half way there I realised I was wearing it in public, which I never do since I wore it for some DIY years ago and got an unmovable smear of paint on one sleeve... so I was Ms Slobby McSlobby in Waitrose today, but I tried to brazen it out!!!
Food today:
Breakfast: all bran with strawberries and pomegranate seeds
Home-made vegetable soup with a home-made bagel! I put half a laughing cow wedge on the bagel and the other half in the soup along with a small handful of peas & corn and a low fat cumberland sausage. The soup was wonderfully creamy! The bagel was - utterly unlike any real bagel, but not dissimilar to a Food Doctor bagel without the seeds... It was good, but very calorific so I've frozen the rest ready sliced in half & will eat them half at a time I think! Next time I'll make them as the recipe said, all white flour, instead of half and half with wholemeal!

Baked Barbecue tofu with mixed vegetables, also tossed in barbecue sauce and roasted. (yes, that's a huge plateful - I didn't finish it all! But still ate enough to be stuffed now...)

Protein smoothie, protein bar, nakd gingerbread bar (my favourite of the new flavours (apart from banana bread which is also lovely!)) and some wasabi & chilli nuts
Weight today: 10st 2.25 lbs (142.25 lbs) - yay!!!
Stay Healthy



  1. Hi Chrissie. Whenever I've tried making my own bread (many years ago) it always turned out very heavy compared to bought stuff. I'm not sure why this is ie what the secret is to lighter bread. The upside is that it will be very filling! So maybe half at a time will be enough. I think they look very good anyway.

    Lol about you wearing the old sweater. I'm sure nobody cares on a sunday. They will just have assumed you were decorating or doing DIY.

    I still haven't recovered from my very long walk yesterday! But I went into town to have a coffee with the Bear. Strangely going into town hardly bothered me at all today. Daren't mark it down as real progress though - it was only sunday and I was with my Bear.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. I don't know about dense - but the Bagels LOOK Fabulous!!!

  3. Thanks for the compliments! I agree that home-baked breads usually are more dense, I think its because I don't use the chemicals that are added to a lot of commercial loaves, and I've noticed the more 'artisan' - and natural - styles you can buy are also more dense. I used to own a breadmaker and that produced lighter bread too, so I think the other reason might be my kneading technique! And my yeast is on the old side, I think I need to replace it...
    I'll keep on trying though, and keep you posted on my progress!