Thursday, 8 October 2009

Weight frustration - and yoga

I had a lie in this morning - didn't get up till about 6:15 am! I know! Shocking!
I had a frustrating and annoying weight in (see below...) so I decided to cheer myself up by doing a yoga dvd - for beginners, as I don't ever seem to do enough yoga to get better at it. The problem is that although I enjoy doing it (except downward dog - don't get me started!) and feel relaxed and invigorated afterwards (even after a sad weigh in) I can't get my head around an exercise that burns about 3 calories an hour! I know there is more to health and fitness than calories burned, and I know that stretching is good, and flexibility would be nice, and I could probably still do with strengthening my back some more... but I want to sweat, and earn extra calories to eat! I'm trying to get myself into the habit of doing the yoga at least a few times a week in the hope that my brain will catch up with the rest of me and accept that the benefits are worth the work. This is why I've been borrowing a couple of dvds lately. This one was much better than the last! I watched it last night (I always watch through an exercise dvd once before trying to follow it)... kinda. Actually I found the music and the woman's voice so relaxing I fell asleep! But what I saw was similar enough to my own DVD to convince me it was worth a try, and I followed it pretty well, though I can't deny that I'm stiff in all the wrong places Free Emoticons. And that of course is why I need to do it more... so as long as my back's OK tomorrow the current plan is to do it again before breakfast. The session lasts about 50 mins including relaxation at the end, and I must admit that it didn't feel like it.
That's all I've done today except housework (grrr), blogging and reading. And cooking and eating of course, that goes without saying.
Food today:
All bran with a nectarine
Nearly the last portion of the home-made chunky vegetable soup. I didn't customise the soup today. Instead I customised the accompanying grilled veg sandwich by adding a slice of grilled tofu. Still haven't figured out a really good way to cook tofu, but I see it as a challenge. This wasn't it! But I'll keep trying

Pumpkin and black bean burgers (they're very small) with a huge enormous great big salad!

A protein smoothie, a mango & passionfruit protein bar, a frusli bar and a babybel light cheese. Also some frozen grapes & banana and a maybe a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter.
Weight today: 10 st 4.6 lbs (146.6 lbs). I'm annoyed about this, I think I did better yesterday than that implies. Which is probably why I had to reduce the calories of dinner by removing the roll I planned to have so that I could fit in the protein bar - I wanted to eat stuff. Lots of stuff. But so far I haven't gone crazy, and I'm within calories for the day. And the ginormous salad has filled me to bursting point, so I don't think I'll have anything else - but you never know Free Emoticons If you've got any good vibes to spare please send them my way!


  1. Good vibes headed across the pond! I face the same dilemna with yoga regarding calorie count, etc, but I try to devote at least one long session a week, plus several mini sessions. I tell myself that I'm much less likely to binge after yoga that the bottom line is the same. Less calories.

  2. Hi Chris. Thanks for your understanding words yesterday. And thanks for sharing about not being able to take money into work. It helps to hear that from someone who has been so successful. I managed not to go out again on Wed and it was actually a good day. Today however was another (bad) story which I won't go into now.

    Anyway, Have you thought about some sort of dancing for stretching and flexibility but to burn a few more calories at the same time? Such as some sort of ballet based exercise? Isn't that what callanetics is based on? I can't remember. But there are various possibilities in this line.

    Grilled tofu only works if it's smoked tofu. Plain isn't really any good like that - except maybe if you marinate it for some time in something very strong first. You can buy it ready marinated of course and this is probably better than doing it yourself as it's obviously had a long time to impart some flavour. Thing is tofu never really absorbs any flavour. My advice is probably to give up with it and eat something with flavour in it to start out with.

    That salad looks fab. I'm not sure I could eat that much of it though! Especially in the colder weather.

    It may be the switch in the weather that's tipped off your hunger.

    I wouldn't worry about your weight - I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx