Wednesday, 28 October 2009


First thing, sorry guys I'm about to disappoint you if you've been hoping for a healthy and unusual sausage casserole recipe - I have to be honest, I use a packet mix to make it - its my go-to store cupboard favourite! To be precise, a Colmans Classic sausage casserole 'add water to the powder' and add sausages, onion, bell pepper & mushrooms. The only change I made was using one sachet to make 3 servings instead of 4 so there's more sauce... it is my laziest meal of all my meal plans! To make up for this lack of excitement I will try to come up with a more interesting sausage-y dish soon!

I did some more adventurous cooking today though - I made my spelt crackers as promised! I have to admit they weren't an unqualified success this time. I made a big batch, flavouring half with mixed seeds and half with Schwartz Garlic Italian seasoning. I made the seeded ones first, and made a few mistakes - firstly, the recipe used white spelt flour and I bought wholemeal. Second, I didn't roll out the first batch quite thin enough. Thirdly, I didn't stick the seeds on as well as I could have. Because of 1) and 2)above they weren't very crispy at first except round the edges - so I ended up breaking the batch into ever smaller pieces and putting them back into the oven to bake some more. Eventually most of them crisped up, but there were some bits that remained a bit leathery. Ah well... Plus some of them weren't seedy enough. But I'll do better on all those things next time. The Garlic Italian ones, however, are very good, because I rolled them out thinner and baked them slightly longer up front after seeing the issues with the seeded ones. Once again I've gone more rustic than sophisticated - but I like that! What do you think? I will be aiming for less excess flour on the next lot though!

Food today:
Overnight oats - Rude Health date & apple porridge soaked overnight in the fridge with soy milk, vanilla whey and fromage frais, to which I added chopped strawberries this morning.
The same home-made soup as you've seen for the last several days - the only difference being that I blended it to give me a creamed soup for a change. It doesn't looks as nice obviously! With it I had a laughing cow salad wrap and a few spelt crackers.

Trout fillet sprinkled with a sea salt & seaweed seasoning, with roasted Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.

It was very tasty but small, so I had an apple for dessert.
Lots of 'em! And all well within calories! A protein bar, a protein smoothie, fromage frais with raspberries, cottage cheese with tinned peaches.

All delicious and my protein today is astronomical!
Weight today: 10 st 1.5 lbs (141.5 lbs) - again!!!
Stay Healthy


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  1. Hi Chrissie. A Coleman's confession! I don't know whether to feel disppointed or elated - elated that I can make it myself so easily! I've never bought one of those sachets. My mother used to buy them to make spag bol when I was a child. And that was exotic eating in those days!

    Think your crackers look great. And the wholemeal is much healthier but always more difficult to bake with I find.

    I just had a mega dose of deja vu when looking at that picture of crackers. Nothing to do with the crackers per se. But that I had seen myself blogging in my dreams quite a while ago, that I had seen this moment quite some time before it happened, before I started blogging in fact - I've only been doing it since August.

    How very strange. I'm a bit freaked out now! Does it mean anything????

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx