Friday, 9 October 2009

Still stuffing squash!

Food today:
All bran with strawberries
The final portion of my chunky veg soup - which had very little vegetables left, so I added peas, sweetcorn and a low fat sausage to bulk it up.

Half an acorn squash baked in the oven, stuffed with a very mild turkey chilli, served with a salad. This was much better than the last stuffed squash I tried!

Quite a lot again... a protein smoothie, a Nature Valley granola bar, some raisins, some fromage frais with manuka honey, and a few frozen grapes and banana chunks.

The turkey chilli I used for dinner was defrosted leftovers. I think I should warn you that after tomorrow I'll be having some pretty boring meals - I've decided it's time to use up a lot of stuff I've made and frozen or impulse-bought and stuck in the cupboard. I want to spend less on groceries and stop wasting food, so I'll be repeating the meals you've seen before - but I'll try to think of some different things to go with them when I do (just enough variety to keep you awake!) I'll have to work on my admittedly unexciting presentation for the photographs!

Exercise today:
I did the rented yoga dvd again this afternoon. I considered going for a walk but was put off by the weather, and I'm still evaluating the disk. I'll repeat it tomorrow before making my mind up, but I think I'll be buying this disk and trying to do it at least 3 times a week. It is relaxing me!
Weight today: 10 st 3.4 lbs (143.4 lbs) - that's not too bad at all!

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  1. Hi Chris. The shape of that squash is just adorable! And your food is always very well presented. No pressure to keep trying new things for our sake! Any pictures of your healthy food are an inspiration to me - and I'm sure many others as well.

    Great about the weight. You sound very cheery today!

    Hope you're having a good evening.
    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx