Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sorry I'm late!

Yesterday, after my early sorry-for-myself post was published, my internet connection died - and stayed dead till this morning. I cannot believe how frustrating it was to be home, and not have internet or email or day! I could check my email with my mobile, but that's not very satisfying given the screen size, so I thought I might just explode. It didn't help that I realised what my problem was yesterday morning. I did force myself out for a walk, and as I headed home I got some familiar stomach cramps and back pain - hello TOM! I guess that's why every day last week was a struggle not to go over calories. And certainly why the tin of biscuits incident happened - though I do believe that I will be fighting those for the next few months. I really wish shops didn't insist on loading the shelves with Christmas goodies so early, its really inconsiderate towards dieters!
The other (most) frustrating thing about lacking internet was that I couldn't access to enter my exercise or food into my diary - which actually helped quite a bit, as I was reluctant to eat a lot and then find out my calories were sky high when I got back online and entered them all at once!
Oat & wheatbran cooked with water, half a grated apple, some cinnamon and nutmeg, and mixed with soy milk, whey protein and a snack pack of raisins. It was quite nice, but I think it would've tasted more apple-y if I'd used stewed apple instead of just grating it in there raw.
A wholemeal pitta bread stuffed with three of my pumpkin-black bean veggie patties plus some salad. I also smeared some sun-dried tomato houmous in there from a snack pack I planned to eat later. It was delicious and very different - a nice way to use up leftovers! Only downside - it fell to pieces and had to be eaten with great care and messy fingers!

Pan-fried bison (seasoned with a little garlic pepper) on a bed of salad with red onion and oven-baked sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes had been tossed with a very little olive oil spray (not quite enough, they were a little dry), dried rosemary and more garlic pepper. It was lovely. If you eat red meat, and haven't tried bison, I can't recommend it enough. The flavour is incredible, the texture is lovely and meaty. It isn't as lean as I'd like (we had rib eye steaks) but the fat was easy enough to cut away and it was well worth the effort!
The rest of the sun-dried tomato houmous with red, yellow & green pepper (and a tiny slice of courgette to use it up) in the afternoon, plus a mid-morning smoothie. And a couple of raisin mini-packs, plus about a teaspoon of crunchy meridian peanut butter - which I shouldn't really have bought because I'm addicted to it, but I've been really good so far - honest!

I'd maintained my weight at 10 st 3.5 lbs btw (143.5 lbs)

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  1. Hi Chris. I was really worried about you yesterday after that post and then ... nothing! Glad to hear it was just a connection problem.

    My apple recomendation for the porridge would be dried apple rings, diced and they would rehydrate to some extent in the porridge. They have a lovely chewy texture. Or of course dried pears are absolutely lovely - so sweet and juicy.

    I used to eat pittas a lot but I got frustrated with them falling apart. It always happens! They're such flimsy things once you've split them. Maybe they'd be better microwaved or otherwise heated up a little first to make them more moist and therefore more pliable? I tried toasting them previously but that was no good. I think wraps are easier.

    Good news on your weight.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx