Friday, 30 October 2009

Sooo sleeeepy...

Still not sleeping at all well! Today became a rest day, though it wasn't planned to be. I was going to train this afternoon, on the elliptical walker, which has a very high intensity interval workout lasting 20 mins; I got as far as going to the bedroom to change, and ended up lying down for an hour reading and trying not to nod off and disrupt my sleep even more instead. Its the 4th night in a row I've woken up around 1 am and stayed that way for a couple of hours at least, and I don't know why.
Still, I haven't over-eaten tooo much as a result, which is quite impressive for someone in need of an energy boost, I think.
Though something naughty slipped into my trolley at Tesco this morning - and from there onto a plate and into my mouth Evil_Grin Emoticons
All bran with peach
The last portion of this week's vegetable soup, with something new... Spiralized courgette 'pasta' with a low cal pasta tomato sauce and feta cheese, based on a recipe by The Fitnessista (I had no fresh basil, hence the feta cheese.) It was good, and fun too! Obviously mine doesn't look as pretty as her's though, that girl is an artist!!!

Butternut squash stuffed with the last portion of my quorn and bulgar wheat 'bolognese' sauce, and a biiiig salad. I've enjoyed this vegetarian pasta sauce a lot, so I'll be making it again before long I think.

Protein smoothie, Muller Light Wild Blueberry yoghurt, Babybel Light, a couple (or 5) of my home-made crackers, and (cough) a jam doughnut from Tesco... Evil_Grin Emoticons

Weight today: 10 st 1.5 lbs (141.5 lbs)
Here's hoping and praying for a better night's sleep tonight...
Stay Healthy



  1. I'm suffering from a touch of insomnia right now, too. I know all about the wandering around in a daze. I'm on about day three and I'm tired of it (no pun intended). Hope you get some good rest tonight.

  2. Hi Chrissie.
    I too am hoping for a decent nights sleep! My problem is just never wanting to go to bed in the first place. Then wanting to get up before I've had enough sleep. I am shattered!

    That, madam, is one very juicy looking doughnut! Phooar!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx