Friday, 16 October 2009

So much more relaxed today

Its odd, but good! I haven't felt like going nuts because I decided not to work on losing more weight right now. Often I struggle with that when maintaining, and certainly at the beginning I have a tendency to feel like I've been 'set free' at last! M suggested a takeaway for dinner, and although I initially gave my usual obsessed dieter knee-jerk rejection, I thought about it and decided to go for it. I picked the healthiest option on the menu, and in the end only ate about half of it. I also had a very few of M's chips - just enough to taste them really - and threw some of them too because I just wasn't hungry enough! In the past (and not very distant past) even if I ordered a healthy choice for a takeaway, knowing that I was having one at all seemed to do something weird to my brain - I would usually go into the little Tesco Express that's right next door to the Chinese and buy some chocolate to eat while I was waiting for the food. WTF??? I think I felt I was doing something bad (even when it fitted into my diet or was a planned treat) so I might as well throw out the baby with the bathwater. Anyway, today I didn't even go into the shop, despite having to drive there twice because I was given someone else's dinner the first time I went. I think it helped that I had a nice relaxing walk this afternoon in the sunshine!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries
Homemade lentil, barley and vegetable soup with a laughing cow salad sandwich

Takeaway vegetable chow mein with a small number of chips - and I didn't finish it! I also didn't drink alcohol with it as I usually do, but went for low calorie ginger beer instead.

Protein bar, protein ball, vegetables with a creamy houmous dip made of caramelized onion houmous and fromage frais

Weight: 10 st 5.5 lbs (145.5 lbs) - and we know why don't we? After my post yesterday I had a very small slice of home-made pizza and 2 slices of white toast with sugarfree marmalade. Still, I never fell into a full on binge state. I finished the day about 1000 cals over my allowance (weightloss allowance, not maintenance) including some alcohol, and as I had been in deficit up until then I am still within calories for the week once the bulk of yesterday's food has errr passed on...

Stay Healthy


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  1. Hi Chrissie. Glad you are feeling saner now. I sadly understand that feeling of being let off the hook all too well! And the idea that if you're going to eat one thing you shouldn't then you might as well really go for it. Obviously completely the wrong idea... I consider myself generally to be an all or nothing person in terms of eating.

    Hope you are having a good day today. Couldn't leave this comment yesterday as I was just too tired - I went for an hour long walk in the afternoon and because I'm so unused to it I spent the evening largely unable to think or move!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx