Thursday, 1 October 2009

Quiet day

I needed to relax a bit after the last couple of days and I did! I don't know why I find having visitors - even my own family - so tiring (a bit of it was not sleeping very well all week). I think its because as I know I'm not a natural hostess I worry about making them happy. Even with my parents, who are perfectly relaxed themselves and more than willing to do stuff for themselves, take it as it comes etc!
Anyhow, I went for a nice sunny walk this morning to do some shopping and pop into the library, cooked a brand new recipe for sweet potato chilli in my slow cooker for my dinner and generally mooched around. This afternoon I was feeling a few early warning signs of a potential binge. I ate too many wasabi nuts (finished the bag - it was only 100 g and I did eat them yesterday as well!) and had a slice of fruit soda bread that I shouldn't have. Then I got a grip, painted my nails (already chipped Free Emoticons), thought about having a bath.... and settled for an early dinner which has filled me up, at least for now. Phew! I was starting to have evil thoughts about my stash of bars from Whole Foods Market for a minute there... but I'm OK for now.
Food today:
Pumpkin 'oats' - the old wheat & oatbran cooked in water, with some pumpkin, soy milk and plain whey mixed in. I also added half a frozen banana.

Home-made veggie soup with a salad and a sandwich consisting of 2 tiny Tesco Healthy Eating smoked bacon rashers and some laughing cow. The soup was one you've seen before, with a little pumpkin added to it, and I topped the salad with avocado. I don't know if I've explained this before, but I like to make huge pots of vegetable soups and freeze them in many portions that I either defrost and eat or defrost and attempt to jazz up with added veg, spices etc. The tinned pumpkin gave it a nice colour and creamier texture.

As above - sweet potato chilli (served with buckwheat instead of rice) and a side salad dressed with a tiny drizzle of cherry-almond balsamic vinegar. I know I keep saying that, but I'm loving it!

A protein ball from 'the stash', too many wasabi nuts, a slice of fruit soda bread and a tub of Fage 2% greek yoghurt with a tablespoon of manuka honey. I'm not over calories I don't think, but it could easily happen if I'm not done now!Free Emoticons
Weight this morning: 10 st 3.5 lbs (143.5 lbs) 3 days in a row under 144, so I'm taking it as a real weight now (wasabi nuts not withstanding) and I did do my little happy dance this morning!!!Free EmoticonsFree EmoticonsFree Emoticons


  1. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog today! I am touched that so many people are so willing to suport me on this weight loss journey of mine. Your lunch photo looks amazing, by the way! The salad especially looks yummy!

  2. Hi Chris. Interesting to add pumpkin to oats. I'd have never thought of that. I can sort of imagine it - think I'd need some molasses with it though. The soup looks very thick and scrummy.

    Great that you managed to stave off the overeating. I managed it myself today - only because I don't want to have to write about another binge on my blog!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  3. Congrats on your weigh in - you are exactly at my weight goal. I hope to join you by year's end. Good for you in averting a binge. Great progress.