Thursday, 15 October 2009

OK Calming down a bit

But I have eaten a large number of excess calories and expect to drink a large number more this evening.
I've been thinking about switching my emphasis to maintaining for a while now. I was feeling reluctant because it felt like failure - admitting that it was just too hard, I mean. However, I have decided that that is just silly. I'm supposed to working towards a healthy life here, not just a skinny one - and being obsessional and depressed and stressed isn't healthy. Letting myself get frustrated isn't healthy - especially when according to the (admittedly flawed) BMI scale I am already a perfectly healthy weight. So I'm going to try maintaining for a while. Thanks Bearfriend for suggesting it independently - if I'd said it first I might have just dismissed your comments as sympathy rather than agreement, but I can't really do that when you weren't directly prompted! I'm going to carry on weighing daily because I go weird and greedy when I don't, and I'll still be posting them daily as well - so you can expect me to be upset again tomorrow! But at least I'll feel like I've earned it after the edamame crisps - and the Sparkling Shiraz I see in my future.
Food today:
Cottage cheese griddle cakes with lightly stewed blackberries, blueberries and strawberries

Tinned Split Pea soup with a laughing cow salad sandwich

Barbecued vegetables with buckwheat

A summer fruit protein smoothie, fromage frais with blackberries & blueberries (and a tiny bit of chilli chocolate grated on top), lots of edamame crisps, a nakd cashew bar, some baked almonds, some peanut butter... the edamame crisps and peanut butter are the only bits that I shouldn't have had mind you...


  1. Hi Chrissie. (Hope I got that right!)

    Well it doesn't look like you've had too many calories so far ... In fact it all looks stunningly healthy as usual. I suppose I don't know how many calories endamame crisps have.

    Just hope you're NOT feeling like a failure because you're maintaining because actually that is success. Just take yourself back to the you that was carrying the excess poundage and imagine how that you would feel looking at yourself now as a woman with the perfect figure. YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. I support you in being healthy! Your food choices seem pretty healthy to me. Good for you for focusing on being healthy as opposed to the number on the scale.