Monday, 5 October 2009

Oh dear oh dear

I've over-eaten today - and done no exercise (unless you count a certain about house-worky up and down the stairs - which I do) I'm not owning up to all the details because that would get boring, instead I'm just going to draw a discreet veil over the proceedings. I'm not even going to claim sickness as an excuse (even though I have been feeling a little... off, and weird, since yesterday evening.) I haven't binged, but I have nibbled off and on quite a bit, that's all.
Anyway, legitimate eats:
Breakfast: Overnight pumpkin oats. I soaked some muesli in a mixture of soy milk and fromage frais in the fridge overnight, with some pumpkin mixed in. It was delicious but a bit too cold for mornings these days - every bite shocked my mouth! One to remember for those annoying summer mornings when you wake up already sweaty I think...

For lunch it was home-made soup again. I finished the last one yesterday, so I made another - and didn't blend this one. I prefer my soups chunky, so long as I'm not freezing them, even though the chunks make it harder to be sure each portion is the same. I still do the usual 'how can I can change this up' every day though. Today I added a grilled low fat sausage for some protein.

Dinner: Vegetable fried rice. Not very authentic as I use brown long grain rice, but I love it and make it whenever I remember. Peppers, onion, mushrooms, peas & corn today. Sometimes I add chicken or prawns, usually, like today I leave it veggie. It's flavoured with ginger, garlic, dried chilli flakes and reduced sodium soy sauce. I could eat it again - but I (probably) won't!

PS I decided to order 'Feel the Fear but do it anyway' from Amazon Marketplace after reading what Bearfriend had to say about yesterday's post - thanks Bearfriend!

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  1. Hi Chris. Well the legitimate eats look really healthy ... And I love the look of that stir fry. My preferred rice is brown basmati. Much much tastier and more refined (not in terms of processing if see what I mean) somehow than bog standard brown rice. Definitely a cut above.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx