Monday, 26 October 2009

Not a marvellous day today

Because I was up at 4:30 with an urgent need to dash to the bathroom - and that was followed by several more urgent dashes though the morning. Sorry to share too much, but after several days of being 'backed up' things shifted today - a little too far in the opposite direction. So much in fact that I felt quite weak and wobbly for a while there. As a result I haven't trained today or gone for any walks.

I have had a couple of tests for my self control that I have passed - so far anyway!
M also wasn't well this morning so he decided to soothe his problems with a really healthy lunch from the fish and chip shop.... Fish & chips have always been a major love of mine - until I started the diet that finally lost me all this weight, chose to go fairly low fat as an easy way to cut calories without cutting portions too much, and trained my body not to tolerate the fats as well. I often struggle to get enough fat in my diet to keep my skin and hair healthy - but that's another story. Anyway, the problem is that although I can't really tolerate this fatty food so well now, when I smell it I have trouble remembering that fact, and as a result have trouble resisting it. Then I regret it for the rest of the day. Well, not today! I went to the fish & chip shop for him and did some shopping next door at the same time (without buying myself any 'you've been ill consolation' chocolate!!!). But I made him wait till after I'd had my healthy lunch, so I was full when I got to the chippy, and the spell was broken. I did steal a couple of his chips when I got them home, but everyone knows stolen food has no calories, right? Right. So that was victory #1. Victory #2 was a second shopping trip, to Waitrose, when I wandered around for a while looking for something evil to buy to cheer myself up - and didn't find anything, so didn't bother!
I'm claiming victories for those even though I know it helps that I didn't fancy eating much bulk, and was actively avoiding fibre, to avoid exacerbating things...
Food today:
Cottage cheese griddle cakes, 2 with berries & cherries and 2 with orange marmalade-style reduced sugar jam - a couple of them also had a smidgeon of low fat creme fraiche in an attenpt to capture that scone, clotted cream & jam feeling - it didn't, because nothing else is as good as clotted cream, but it was still delicious (and very importantly, a lot lower in fibre than the usual all bran)
Home made veggie soup with a laughing cow salad sandwich. I added a quorn fillet into the soup, and crumbled a piece of firecracker cornbread on top.

Stir fry with tofu - yes, I'm still trying with the tofu! This time I marinaded it all afternoon in a spicy marinade of soy sauce, garlic, rice wine vinegar, salt, cinnamon, ground cloves and a touch of reduced cal. sugar.
Followed by a sugar free jelly!

Fromage frais with honey, Tesco Light Choices mandarin cheesecake.
Weight (definitely a false low due to my state of health) 10 st 1.5 lbs (141.5 lbs)

Stay Healthy


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  1. Hi Chrissie. Sorry you're unwell today. Hopefully it'll just be one of those things that's over in a day.

    Well done with resisting temptations! I love the smell of fish and chips but all my life I have ALWAYS felt ill after eating it. But I still love the smell! But then I love that typical pub smell - the smell of smoke and beer and crisps - even though I don't smoke and can't stand beer! Weird.

    SO you finally managed to get some taste into that tofu?

    Hope you feel better very soon,
    Bearfriend xx