Thursday, 22 October 2009


I enjoyed writing my post earlier today, so I've decided to start adding the odd off-topic post every now and again. (Tomorrow I'll try to write a bit about working in Dallas to answer your questions, Roxie). If anyone has anything they'd like to ask or talk about, feel free to leave comments, its good to have new topics and I want you to be glad you stopped by!
Food today:
Porridge oats mixed with muesli (the oats ran out. the muesli was just oats and seeds because I'd picked out all the fruit when craving dried fruit Embarrassed Emoticons What? Doesn't everyone do that? Hmmm), mixed with chocolate orange true whey protein powder, a little wheatbran, and some soy milk. I left it soaking in the fridge overnight, then briefly heated it in the microwave to take the chill off. It started to cook around the edge, which reminded me of the breakfast cookies I've seen online - I think I may try them one of these days! It tasted quite good, though I think this was my least favourite flavour of true whey that I've tried, but I didn't bother photographing it because it looked like a rather unappealing brown splat that reminded me of things I won't name in a polite blog Embarrassed Emoticons
The last portion of the vegetable soup I've been eating all week (spiced up with some Thai yellow curry paste and made a little more colourful with some fresh spinach leaves) with a wrap containing a little caramelised onion houmous, some red pepper, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber.
Quorn and Bulgar wheat bolognese served in a courgette base, with salad and a rosti-like cake made of cassava (remember I bought a cassava root several weeks ago? Have you wondered what happened to it? Now you know - I stuck it in the fridge and forgot about it! Until now!)

Protein Smoothie, fromage frais with apple baked with raisins, almonds and honey (thanks for the idea Bearfriend - I made substitutions based on what I had and it was yummy, next time I'll make it as you suggested since I prefer sultanas anyway), some air popped popcorn flavoured with garlic pepper and a tiny tiny smidgen of peanut butter (no, not enough to finish it!)

Weight today: 10 st 3 lbs (143 lbs). Looks like my natural maintaining pattern may involve a 0.5lb fluctuation, but its too soon to say for sure.
Stay Healthy



  1. Ok, you have a chef that lives with. I don't think I have ever tasted any of those foods, except maybe the

    I need to get out more!

  2. Hi. Looking forward to hearing about Dallas! Must have been quite an adventure.

    I agree with your other commentor - your food always looks so great it's hard to believe that you don't have a chef living with you!

    I used to do that thing with museli. But these days it's something I just can't buy because I eat bowl after bowl after bowl of it. And a bowl usually turns out to be nearer 100g than the measly 30 or 50g they reckon is a serving.

    So if you're only picking out the dried fruit I think that's quite restrained!

    I like chocolate porridge - ie made chocolatey with some highlights choc drink. But I think chocolate orange flavour would just be too sickly for me.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

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