Saturday, 17 October 2009

A nice long walk into Chepstow

So I'm quite tired! I didn't do much in town - just popped into a Coffee#1 for a pick me up, bought a jigsaw - its something I want to try as a 'don't eat everything in the house' activity - and then headed for home. I was fairly close to starving by the time I got home but had to get the car out to nip out for some food that wouldn't fit in my rucksack with the jigsaw, so I had a late and desperately needed lunch! But I didn't binge...
I'm thinking about another walk into Chepstow tomorrow again. Once a year there's an event - for want of a better word - where thousands of Harley Davidsons are driven through Chepstow and over the old Severn Crossing. its called 'Hogging the Bridge' and while I have no real interest in motorbikes or Harleys myself, I think it might be interesting for a few minutes at least. Plus I think there may be some market stalls and things set up for the day. So if the weather is OK, I may check it out this year since I've never bothered before. (Its been running for 10 years counting this year)
Food today:
Porridge oats with Cookies & Cream whey, wheatbran, soy milk & fromage frais stirred in. It was tasty, but a bit too runny so I think I'd leave the milk and / or fromage frais out next time

Laughing cow salad sandwich and a bowl of my homemade soup - sorry, boooring I know!

A fillet steak seasoned with garlic pepper, pan fried, sliced, and served on a salad, with some Ainsley Harriott's Moroccan Medley cous cous (still using things up - that's been in the cupboard for months!) I used a small amount of fromage frais mixed with caramelized onion houmous as a salad dressing - it didn't add much to the meal!

Apple Crunch granola bar, protein smoothie (with avocado and spinach in it). A bit of natural crunchy peanut butter from the jar. And - in Coffee#1 - a cup of hot apple juice flavoured with cinnamon - delicious!
I usually have a plain black Americano coffee, but fancied a change today - plus I was eyeing up the biscotti and it was easier to resist them with apple juice than coffee!
Weight today: 10 st 4.25lbs (144.25 lbs)

Stay Healthy



  1. Good day Chrissie,

    I would totally go to the biker thing. Of course, I have a thing for all sorts of loud, fast sheet metal. If HD rallies abroad are anything like they are here, it should be a very interesting day to people watch.

    Have fun!

  2. Hi Chrissie. (Still feels weird calling you that!)

    The problem with jigsaws is that they only last one time - and possibly a second many months or a year later. We used to have a great jigsaw shop here but they cost so much money and for just a one time use I thought they were too expensive. I have found a few good ones in charity shops though for only a pound. I go for the ones which are double sided where one side is turned through 90 degrees to the other. Or very complex cartoon ones. Some places have a jigsaw library if you really get into it ...

    You could always write that novel if you can't think of anything else to do ... November is the annual write a novel in a month thing. They often have local workshops and meetings in librarys and such. The link if you're interested:

    I wish there was a cafe here that did hot apple juice. I've never heard of that being offered before. And as you say, you wouldn't really want anything else with that because it's very sweet all on its own.

    Looks like a lot of meat! I couldn't eat that much meat in one meal. I've never really been able to get on with steak anyway. Always seems to be too chewy to me!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx