Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Loads of food

But so far, not loads of calories...
My Mum and her OH left about 9 this morning. I'd been up since about 5:30 am, had an early breakfast and was starving by then! I managed to keep it to scheduled snacks at that point, walked into town (laden down as usual) and then came back - still hungry! I'm not sure how well today is going to finish, I'm tired after 2 successive nights with not too much sleep and that always makes me hungry. In fact I was tempted to give myself permission to have a day off - I'm fighting that urge so far, but it may come to that in the end.
I really enjoyed their visit yesterday. We ate very healthily, and because they've only recently started dieting themselves we spent a lot of time talking diet, food, healthy eating etc - we always do, but this time my Mum wanted to, where usually she's accusing me of being obsessed! (Moi???) As a result I hauled out my healthiest cookbooks and found literally dozens of un-tried recipes that look really appealing, so once my focus shifts from using up food I'll have lots of new ideas! Just hang on for a little while and the food will get more interesting again! And definitely still healthy!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries
A personal favourite and very antisocial meal - good job I went shopping before eating this! Its a pasta dish which uses an entire head of garlic per person! I do like my garlic... basically you gently fry your peeled garlic cloves (whole) in a little olive oil, then simmer them for 15 minutes in vegetable stock. During this stage you cook a small amount of pasta - I used 50 g, and mixed a couple of types of pasta because I was using the tail end of the bags up. At the end of the 15 mins you mash the garlic with a potato masher / the back of a wooden spoon, top up the vegetable stock (using about 3/4 pint (English) per person in total), and add half a thinly sliced red pepper, a quarter of a thinly sliced onion, and a thinly sliced tomato as well as 1T dried tarragon, 1T dried basil, and dried oregano & black pepper to taste. It smells absolutely amazing!!! Then you add the pasta to the sauce, simmer for maybe another minute, and spoon it into a dish. The sauce doesn't thicken, and its not meant to - the idea is to have a highly flavoured, garlicky broth to dip bread into! The original recipe long since disappeared from the web so I can't find the credit, but I reduced the amount of olive oil and pasta quite a bit to make it more diet friendly (reducing the oil does effect the taste sadly - but not much). I had a bowl of this pasta with some nimble bread spread with laughing cow light.
A big salad with prawns that were sitting in my freezer.
Ah, here comes the bulk of the food today! I had a cashew cookie nakd bar (small) and a summer berry protein smoothie before my walk into town. After lunch I had a Muller Light yoghurt - Vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate flavour - and my fromage frais version of Greek Yoghurt with honey. And then I remembered that there was a big bag of kale in the fridge that was bought over a week ago to make a particular recipe that I never got around to. Obviously I couldn't waste it - so I used almost the entire bag to make a monster serving (I didn't expect to finish it - except whoops, I did!) of Kale Chips (kale tossed with oil spray, vinegar, salt & pepper, cooked for about 8 mins on a tray in the oven at 180 degrees). I just kept nibbling till they were all gone - and I was stuffed with very low cal green vegetable goodness! Oh, and I may have had just one or two teaspoons of natural peanut butter (crunchy - I love the crunchy bits! Oh, damn, now I wish I'd tried eating the kale chips with the peanut butter... a missed opportunity ) and a few almonds that had been baked in the oven and tossed with cayenne pepper and dried thyme as well. But nuts are good for you so that doesn't really count either...
Weight today: 10 st 2.5lbs (142.5 lbs)

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  1. Hi Chris. I love garlic too. The only reason I don't eat a whole head at a time is that I feel queasy afterwards. I often eat 7 cloves at a meal though. Over a salad I often put several teaspoons of very lazy garlic which is quite potent but really makes the meal for me. Sometimes I just spoon it from the jar!

    Kale chips must be the healthiest over-indulgence ever!

    I love the look of those figs on your salad. Not a combination I've ever tried. I can just imagine the sweetness of the figs and red onion together.

    Looking forward to seeing all your new recipes!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx