Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Less Happy Tuesday

Weight today: STILL 10 st 3.5 lbs - so I am forced to assume that the blip was actually the 10st 2lbs I saw on the weekend.
I am not impressed that apparently I'm maintaining when the calories say I should be losing (albeit quite slowly). I guess I'm nibbling too many frozen grapes in between official meals and snacks - so that will have to stop before I explode with frustration. Which of course would involve less splattering gore all over my house and more smearing chocolate all over my face...
The good news is, my Mum and her OH are visiting today - so I won't be able to take my disappointment and bury it in food. The even better news is that they're both now on diets too - so instead of going out for lunch, I'll be cooking something low cal and healthy. And if the weather holds as nice as it has been, I think we'll be going for a walk this afternoon. That will be my only exercise though. I was tempted to go to the gym and start sweating hard after my weigh in - but I'm due a rest day and I think having one (while I have company) will do me good, if only because I definitely eat a larger bulk of food when I train hard. Of course I also tend to binge - or want to binge - when I don't train, I can't win! But I do tend to find my Mum an inhibiting factor when I'm in that mood, and at the moment I'm not anyway. Probably because I'm stuffed full of high fibre breakfast cereal and fruit.
Food today:
I'm a little blocked up, so I had an extra large bowl of all bran with strawberries and tinned peaches
Mum & her OH prefer to eat their main meal at lunchtime (I think I may give this a try as well) so Mum & I will be having my home-made vegetable fried rice - but with added chicken this time. Her OH has very traditional and fairly narrow food preferences so I'll grill a chicken breast for him and he can have it with a baked potato / home-made oven chips and salad.
Continuing the using up theme I will be having an exciting tin of Heinz classic chicken noodle soup with nimble and laughing cow light.
I've scheduled 2 protein smoothies today, one made with summer berries and one with luxury fruit medley. And both with added psyllium husks to help with the other problem...
There probably won't be pictures of the meals for today. Mum doesn't yet know about this blog, which makes it hard to upload photos while she's sitting in the same room without explanations! (M is the only person in my real life who does know, because he 'caught me at it' a few weeks ago!!!)
EDIT: I've been meaning to ask this for a few days and keep fogetting! As the weather gets colder as well as going off salads I'm going to get less keen on my smoothies (they are made with frozen fruit after all!). Anyone got any good ideas for HOT snacks to replace them - ideally with a mix of protein and carbs plus a little fat and fibre? So far the only idea I've had is to use smaller portions of the big soups I like to make - but I'll be replacing the salads with soups and I'm not sure I'll want to eat soup 3 times a day

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  1. Hi Chris. Hope you've had a great day with your mum and OH. So lovely that you're able to spend time with her. You'll be able to give them plenty of advice on dieting and no more worries about calorific meals with them!

    I'm amazed that M only found out about your blog so recently. You must be a dark horse! Is he following you now?

    Can't think of anything to replace smoothies by except one of your thick smoothies heated up a bit in the microwave. Would that work?

    Best wishes,
    BEarfriend xx