Friday, 2 October 2009

Lazy Friday

Did not want to do anything active today! Apart from going to the supermarket this morning I haven't left the house all day, and I've done nothing but a little TV watching and a lot of blog reading. It did once again bring out the snacker in me, so a long bath was needed this afternoon, and I still did a little tiny bit of excess eating. The week as a whole was very good so I'm not too worried by this, but I am a little tiny bit disappointed in myself just the same. I really feel its time I didn't spend day after day fighting the binge monster - I mean how long does it take for moderate eating to become a habit? Longer than this apparently... still, I resisted the cereal and fruit bars and the 35 g bar of Green & Blacks chocolate, in fact even now they don't tempt me, so I guess that's progress. Anyway, enough complaining about nothing (in the grand scheme of things). I've been reading various posts about Livestrong Day today. Compared to the experiences of so many cancer survivors and sufferers, I realise I have absolutely nothing to moan about these days. And on the subject of amazing women, I'm reading a very good book by Kate Adie (the journalist). Its called 'Corsets to Camouflage' and its looking at the changing role of women in Britain since the Industrial Revolution. There have been a lot of amazing women in this country over the last century and a half, and apart from being very sure that I could never live up to their example, I am amazed and inspired by them all. Given that it's Livestrong Day I'll just mention one - Dr Elsie Inglis of Edinburgh, one of the earliest qualified women doctors in Scotland, who set up the Scottish Women's Hospitals organization, established 2 hospitals, in Scotland and a field hospital in France, and performed surgery in field hospitals all over war-torn Europe before returning home to die of cancer, literally the day after landing back on British soil.
Food today:
All bran with strawberries
Grilled veggie sandwich (yay! First time in a-a-a-ges!!!) and home-made veggie soup (the same as the last few days, but with some edamame beans added in)

Sausage casserole with mashed swede, steamed broccoli and leek. You've seen it before, its just a simple package mix, but I still think its yummy - and I've done quite a bit of experimenting this week, so I think I've earned a small cheat!

Summer fruit protein smoothie, Dr Karg spelt muesli crispbread, fromage frais with stewed apple and blackberries (and just a tiny hint of manuka honey).

And a few dried prunes.
Weight today: 10 st 4 lbs (144 lbs)


  1. Hi Chris. That sausage casserole looks really scrummy! Just the perfect comfort food. And the stewed fruit is such a pretty colour. Or colours I should say. I'm always saying what wonderfully colourful food you eat.

    I don't know how long it takes for the binge monster to go away. I wish I knew. It would be great wouldn't it if we could know how long and then you could just think to yourself "I only have to fight this for X amount of time longer and then I'm through it".

    Just in case you're surfing to stave off the monster, I don't know if you've ever looked at (link is also in my blogroll). Todays post didn't really do it for me but scroll down and you'll see "spots and dots" and further scrolling to sep 19th will bring you to some great elephant sculptures. For some reason I just think you'll love the elephants!

    She also has some really great artist sites in her blog list. Well worth exploring.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

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