Monday, 5 October 2009

In the interests of honesty

The overeating turned into a binge after all - and a drunken binge at that.
Red wine is the devil - except I feel better now than I have all day so HAH

and I love white bread and plum jam - except when I'm sober & not binging, when I don't even LIKE white bread. ah well

EDIT: In the interests of accountability I'm also fighting the urge to take a laxative so I can pretend this didn't happen


  1. Boy, do I understand the whole white bread thing. I would get to craving white bread and butter and would eat, well, I would eat ALOT of it.

    It's not how many times we get knocked down, it's how many times that we choose to get up and get going again. It's done. It's over. Learn what you can from it and let it go.

    It's progress, not perfection, right? I mean, so you had a slip - but just think how long it's been since the last one. As long as we are increasing the time between incidents, we're making progress.

    Hugs to you....

    And re: your comment - the dog and I were taking turns chasing each other :-)

  2. Hi Chris. I eat things when bingeing I'd never look at normally. I wish I understood exactly how all that worked! I know that if I have alcohol then it's likely to set the carb monster off. I can manage it just before bed but during the day it's usually really bad. And if I'm in the zone anyway I very rarely do it because I know it will be a disaster.

    Difficult about laxatives. I have abused them myself in the past and I know it doesn't really lead to anything positive. It just makes you feel you can "get away" with it. But of course in reality that's not the case. I can say that with certainty as laxatives were heavily involved in my 6 stone gain in 2002.

    If it's just once or you really are constipated then OK. But it might be better just to eat a little less the next few days instead. I'm sure you can't have consumed that many calories.

    As Roxie says, we will all slip up sometimes ... or in my case most of the time!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx