Saturday, 24 October 2009

I baked today!

I may have mentioned once or twice that I like to bake - but can't let myself because I looooove to eat the results!
I've also frequently mentioned that I'm slightly hooked on a few crackers that I've bought. (Dr Karg, I love you....) But they're expensive, and I'm trying to cut back - so I decided to make some. I chose spicy polenta cheese crackers because 1) I had all the ingredients except for buttermilk in the house and 2) I'm not as big a fan of cheese-flavoured savoury baked goods as I am of many others - so I'm more likely to be able to resist them.
I've just tried one, and though I do quite like them, this remains the case! Still, they'll keep for 2 weeks, and I will definitely be willing to eat them in that time. Now I need to find another recipe to use up the pot of buttermilk, as I used relatively little of it. I halved the recipe in case I didn't like the cheesiness. This is the first time I've baked my own crackers, and it was fun - but next time I'll make seeded crackers or flavour them with herbs instead. Maybe sea salt and rosemary would be nice... See, there will be a next time...
I made them kind of rustic and home-made looking, aren't they pretty?

Stay Healthy



  1. Chrissie,

    The crackers are beautiful. The rosemary and sea salt sound like a good addition. I'm with you on the "no baking", as I try to avoid all baked goods. I've made my own flaxseed crackers but tend to overeat even those, so that was out. Glad you have found a solution that allows baking and healthy eating!

  2. Hi Chrissie. It's unusual for people to bake their own crackers isn't it. My grandmother used to do lots of baking but I still remember my surprise the day she baked some crackers! Her's were very buttery though. And flaky. And melty.

    I recently had a selection box of crackers from Fudges Bakery and some of them had rosemary in. I didn't think they'd be very nice because I always associate rosemary with lamb and I don't like lamb, but they were the best in the box!

    I also love poppy seed crackers. I love crunching through all the little seeds!

    I could never bake cheese crackers for myself - I LOVE them! I'd just eat the whole lot. I like Dr Karg as well. I can't buy a packet or I'll just eat a huge number of them. I see you having just one at a meal and think how restrained you are!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx