Friday, 23 October 2009

Hungry day today

Not bingey, just hungry - so I am eating a little more, in a controlled way. So far anyway! But I have wanted to eat more all day...
It rained most of the day, and when it stopped raining it was mostly grey and depressing, so I didn't go out for a walk. I used the elliptical walker for an hour instead. I did the yogalates dvd yesterday with no back pain, so I thought I could risk it!
To cheer myself up a bit this morning after a trip to Tesco for my grocery shopping I watched Mamma Mia, recorded off Sky +. So much fun!!! I can't believe they persuaded that cast to sing and dance to Abba - and didn't cast a single singer or dancer! But I am unashamed of loving Abba's music, so I sang along (which did nothing to improve the sounds from the TV) and occasionally danced along as I made my soup... it was a lot more fun than looking out the window! I also tried watching Knocked Up, which didn't really grab me, and Ride With The Devil, which I didn't like. So now I'm catching with season 3 (I think) of Heroes, that's been recorded on my Sky + box for months and months!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries
An all new home made soup with lots of veggies, a few black beans and some quinoa in it, plus a failed attempt to do something new with my quorn bulgar bolognese. Last night's dinner only used half the portion, so the other half I put on one side of a Weightwatchers wrap with some grated parmesan, then toasted it in my health grill. The bolognese was too wet to work well and the wrap didn't grill very well - it went a bit leathery. It was fun to try it though!

Chicken and vegetable curry with brown rice, tomato & cucumber. Followed by a Tesco Healthy Living mandarin cheesecake...

Protein smoothie, fromage frais with the other half of the baked apple I made yesterday,
some popcorn and a little peanut butter.
Weight 10st 3lbs (143 lbs)
Stay Healthy


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  1. Hi Chrissie. I haven't seen any of the things you mention. At the moment I'm watching my current favourite - Benidorm! There's something very reassuring about common people!

    I've never thought of having curry with cucumber and tomato but it sounds very cooling.

    I could just fancy some cheesecake ...

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

    PS show me the person who can resist singing to Abba!