Thursday, 15 October 2009


I am depressed pissed off.
Weight today 10 st 3.5 lbs (143.5) I went to bed early last night so I could not eat any more. I did have extra food yesterday, but it was extra green leafy veg, not pies and chips!
As a mature, intelligent, reasonable and clued up person I know I have 2 3 options right now: focus more on the weight loss, shake things up a bit as what I am doing is not working, and really go for it - or say fuck it, and shop for fattening, evil goodies. (or 3: starve myself for a few days...)
So far I haven't done either any of the above. It's 7:34 am so that's not exactly a big achievement. But I know which one seems most appealing right now.

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  1. Hi Chris, or should I say Chrissie now?

    Actually I think the third option is continuing to maintain - which you are doing very successfully! I know you really want a few pounds off, which would be possible if you cut one or two snacks out a day, but is it worth the suffering and binge setting off potential for what, 4lbs? Is it worth it?

    I think given the continuing issues with bingeing the sanest thing to do is carry on maintaining. I know you're worried about putting weight on on holiday, but if you do you can always get back to where you are now within a few weeks of getting back. It would be better to do that than set off a bad bingeing phase by trying to get your body weight lower than it wants to go.

    Re salads in colder weather - what I do is add some chilli sauce and you certainly feel warmer after having eaten that! Recently I just diluted some Nandos extra hot chilli sauce with a little water and poured it over. But you could add the sauce to any dressing incredients. Also adding some whole or chopped chillis in with your cooked veg to go on top of the salad gives a longer lasting warming effect. Course it speeds up your metabolism in having this heating effect which is all to the good.

    Hope you are able to turn round the mood today.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx