Monday, 12 October 2009

Good Monday!

A fairly serene day for me today, I just did my normal walk into Caldicot (but coming back was carrying over 31 lbs in my rucksack for about 2.5 miles - can you feel my aching shoulders???) though I'm considering doing some light beginners yoga before bed - again, aching shoulders!
Apart from that, pretty boring - a little laundry, a lot of blog reading,
btw, If you want to smile today, you have to look at the amazing photos on Roxie's blog today! The biggest cutest dog....) some tv... and some cooking of course. I've also been trying to figure out if I can fit a folding treadmill somewhere in my house, I haven't mentioned running since coming back from London because I haven't done any - it would seem I prefer to run indoors. Where it isn't cold - or really hot. Running outdoors would be my preference, but I'm not just not very good at motivating myself, particularly as I have very few (very boring) routes to follow. At the moment I think I'd have to do some substantial furniture rearranging, so I'm going to have to talk it over with M to see if he has any ideas or thoughts.
Food today:
Breakfast - was amazing! Maybe its just because I was bored with my usual staples of bran porridge or all bran, but I made cottage cheese griddle cakes and I LOVED them! Not bad for something I only cooked to use up some excess cottage cheese - I now think I'd buy cottage cheese specically to make these griddle cakes again! You WILL be seeing more of these!

One topped with strawberries, one with fig and one with plum jam. I ate another one after the picture with some left over fruit Free Userbars. There are more for later in the week - depending on how well they defrost & reheat.
A monster salad with peppers, feta, avocado and griddled asparagus. Oh, and sweetcorn. Served with nimble bread & laughing cow

I defrosted a portion of my quorn and bulgar bolognese sauce and made a vegetarian cross between lasagne and moussaka... lassaka? moussagne? hmm...
Any way, I layered the not-quite bolognese sauce with grilled courgette, aubergine and red onion, then topped it with reduced fat mozzarella (defrosted also) and baked it in the oven. It was really rather nice - except that I always wish reduced fat mozzarella would melt more like real mozzarella...

Served with another big salad - making the most of the beautiful weather we're suddenly having to eat more salads, as soon enough I won't want to face them for the rest of the year.
Defrosted a portion of 'luxury fruit medley' from Waitrose, topped it with fromage frais, topped that with a few slices of peach and a single bar of apple crunch Nature Valley granola bar.
Also had a protein ball and a protein smoothie. Oh yes, and I may have had half a dried pear because someone suggested I add them to my porridge (an excellent suggestion you'll be hearing more about - thanks Bearfriend!) and I am weak... Oddly I don't like fresh pears much, but do like them dried... In fact all dried fruit are a definite weakness with me, better than chocolate and crisps I suppose...
Weight today 10 st 3.5 lbs (143.5 lbs). I'm not too worried about that as I did extra bulk of food yesterday (in a controlled way, to stop myself binging after burning so many calories walking)

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  1. Hi Chris. I would love a treadmill if I had the room - only I'd be walking on it, not running! And watching TV at the same time.

    Food looks fantasic as ever. Those griddle cakes look lurvely. I think you showed a lot of restraint! You're certainly going for the salads at the moment. I'd never eat any salads at all no matter what the weather if I didn't always have cooked veg with them. All raw doesn't do it for me.

    I also much prefer died pears to fresh. Strange how different they are say to dried apple. Weird. Dried pears are almost like they've been soaked in sugar, crystalised sort of. Very lush!

    Glad you had another good day.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx