Sunday, 11 October 2009

Getting back to normal

Aren't you all 'lucky' - two posts in one day!
Well, this morning I went for a walk - and then another walk - about three and a half hours in total so I've got pretty tired legs right now.
I tried to go exploring - checking out a footpath I've been planning to scout out for a while. It claimed to be 1.7 km to a village with a Welsh name I can neither spell nor pronounce! It took me through a very small woody bit, than a small sea of nettles (which stung me to hell and back) before pointing me at a sea of mud (ploughed field)
At which point the signs stopped. I waded through a few fields worth (now liberally smeared all over the hems of my jeans) before deciding to turn back rather than start climbing over gates into a different set of un-signed fields... It was a bit disappointing, as I'd hoped to find a new walk, but the ground, being newly ploughed, was very soft and slightly uneven so at least it worked my legs a bit harder than usual. As I'd headed out without remembering to get a snack or anything to drink I then went home to put that right before walking into Caldicot by my usual route. Probably added up to around 10 miles in total, with my heavy rucksack on my back...
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and a nectarine
Double veggie burger in one roll with a cheese slice and a salad (that was supposed to be for dinner, but I was starving so I couldn't wait!)

Dinner: Quorn cottage pie (yes, a ready meal!) with vegetables - tasty, but not good presentation!!!

A protein bar (on walk 2) and a small bag of Glennans veggie crisps (I know they're fried, and very salty, but I like them!!!) on the way back; a nakd bar, a protein smoothie and a probiotic low fat blueberry yoghurt.
Weight today: 10 st 2 lbs exactly! (142 lbs)


  1. What a slog that turned out to be! A few years ago, I was taking my little sister on a trail that I remembered from my childhood. We ended up wading through a field of nettles - boy, was she mad at me. And I didn't even tell her about the cougar tracks I saw.

    I wished I lived closer. I love traipsing out through the woods, over hill and dell. Glad you are back in your groove today. 3.5 hours of walking is a lot of exercise.

  2. Hi Chris. Wow. After all that walking your weight's going to be down even further tomorrow! It's annoying when your exploration ends in such a damp (muddy) squib. I know the horror of finding a ploughed field on a walk. Very difficult to walk on.

    I need new walks as well. After living here for more than a decade and mainly doing the same walk over and over. It's the only walk within walking distance of my house that actually has nice views and hedgerows and doesn't go through a sh*tty part of town. I'm desperate for a change of scenary. Losing weight for me just involves doing that walk almost every day. No wonder I can't face the boredom of it!

    At least you can drive to a new walking spot. It expands your possibilities.

    Glad you had a good day.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  3. Chris, That's a lot of walking. I've always found that slugging through mud/sand to be a great workout!

    I just walk on my neighborhood road and it's not very exciting. Believe it or not we have no trails where we live, no walking paths, nothing. So the road it is for me!

    I am glad you had a good day.