Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Doing so much better today! Not even tempted!

We won't talk about the weight this morning. And I will only briefly mention that I didn't take a laxative last night, and now realise what a good idea that was - most of my binging yesterday was on dried fruit, in the form of fruit and fruit bars, and bread, which all have plenty of fibre... its only because I resisted the laxative that I'm typing this from my desk rather than the bathroom.....
I got up bright and early this morning, feeling very full still. I started off with a baby beginners 15 minute yoga dvd - I know that's so pathetic its hardly worth mentioning, but that's the only dvd I have so its the best I could do! I'd love to take classes but here in rural Wales there isn't a lot of choice and most of them are in leisure centres where I don't really like to park my car - especially in the evening. Free Emoticons
Its been raining on and off all day so far, so no walk for me! So annoying, I use my walks to work through issues in my head, and last night could've done with going over! On the other hand, its over now, and the lack of walk led to me deciding to shake things up a bit. After my (late) breakfast went down I decided to train in the gym. I have to admit that for ages now that's meant getting on the elliptical walker for 40 - 80 mins, watching some tv as I sweat, then getting off again and leaving the gym. Today I did something M heavily advocates and I generally avoid like the plague - HIIT! A circuit of rowing machine, stationary bike and elliptical walker to be precise. I sweated buckets but still felt strangely unfulfilled (this is my problem with HIIT - I like slogging away for a long time on one machine. I don't know why, but it suits my temperament. So the circuit-based approach doesn't satisfy me in the same way). I then drove into town, to the supermarket and dry cleaners and WHOA!! Walking (about 3 mins) from the supermarket carpark up a slight hill to the dry cleaners my legs tried to flop into a puddle of goo beneath me. I made it, don't get me wrong, but my legs were so heavy!!! I think I may have to bite the bullet and try to incorporate a little more HIIT into my life, it clearly worked me way harder than I realised at the time!Free Emoticons
All bran with strawberries and nectarine
I treated myself to a little sushi while I was out (right after my near collapse in Chepstow High Street!). It was yummy but I overdid the wasabi - it brought tears to my eyes and my sinuses have never been so clear! I also had a bowl of home-made chunky vegetable soup again. Can you make out today's addition? Wouldn't be surprised if you can't! I heated the soup to boiling point then cracked an egg into it. The egg sank like a stone at first, then made it back to the surface in time for me to dig it out. The egg didn't add anything to the soup, but the soup made the egg taste great!
And the yolk was creamy and lovely! Don't think the photo really does it justice!

Stir fry pack (these make me feel light and healthy after a bad day!) with Golden chicken - a very simple dish where the chicken is simmered in a mixture of chicken stock, soy sauce, chinese cooking wine or sherry, minced ginger and a tiny pinch of sugar (or Splenda in my case). Its not new to me, I've been making it for years, but its surprisingly flavourful and very reassuring when a bad day has been had... I did have one glass of wine with dinner, but only one and I'm not even tempted to have any more.

After training I had some fromage frais with honey - a good boost for my knackered body! Mid-afternoon snack was a protein fruit smoothie with spinach. I started getting hungry again a bit later so I also had an apple - an apple a day keeps the secondary binge away! We hope.... looking good so far!

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  1. Hi Chris. Sounds like you had a great day. Strange how you didn't feel satisfied at the time and yet the exercise worked you much more than your usual stint. Reminds me of swimming (when I was a teenager!) and you would never feel it while you were in the pool but when you got out your legs would be like jelly.

    Should have burnt off a few calories anyway.

    Nice to see that delicious egg yolk!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx