Saturday, 24 October 2009

Did a new Yoga DVD today

Beginners Vinyasa yoga.
I may offend some people when I say it included a fair bit of annoying (to me) touchy feely stuff - the spiritual side of yoga I guess you'd say. But the actual work out - well, that was a different story. I can't do downward dog. I'm not convinced the human body is built to do it. This routine had about 1,000,000 downward dogs - and I finished the routine, and while my downward dogs were bad, they weren't as bad as they usually are, which was good! It made me sweat a really lot, which yoga doesn't usually, so that was good too. Less good was feeling wobbly afterwards - that drove me to drink a big glass of water and eat a protein bar straight after my shower, and then I felt sick (as in nauseous) for half an hour or so. Just means I need to time things better next time I guess. I watched it all the way through before doing it, and that meant my afternoon snack was late as well, plus I didn't drink anything for about 3 hours, which given the sweating may not have been a good idea. I can't say I enjoyed the routine, but I will say it was challenging, satisfying, and I think it would continue to stay challenging for a while. So I plan to try it again tomorrow, if I'm not crippled, and then possibly buy the dvd - at the moment I'm renting it from
Also, I may well be reporting some more baking tomorrow - I found an interesting cornbread recipe on the same website as the crackers from this morning, that will use some more of the buttermilk and instant polenta up - I'll let you know tomorrow! Does anyone know if cornbread freezes well, as I don't want to bake it if it needs eating very fresh (the recipe makes 10 portions)
And I am annoyed with the weather today.... its mostly rained, with just enough sunshine to give hope for an improvement, and then more rain... AARRGGHH
Food today:
All bran with strawberries
Vegetable soup with a laughing cow salad sandwich
Huuuuge salad with spinach, chicory, strawberries, mushrooms, peppers... and wildebeest fillet steak!!!
Yummy - but not as good as really good beef fillet or roe deer venison fillet steak. It was coated with garlic pepper (my new favourite seasoning) and pan fried in olive oil. I grilled some sweet potato 'chips' to go with it, and dipped them in banana ketchup that I bought in St Lucia last year. I really hope they sell it in Cuba too, as its delicious but I'm running out.

Protein smoothie and protein bar.
Weight today: 10 st 2.4 (142.4 lbs)
Stay Healthy


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  1. Hi Chrissie. I don't know what downward dog is - but it's a good job I know that you're talking about yoga!

    Del at "fat girl thin girl fit girl" is often having corn bread with a bowl of chilli and it looks delish. I think I would halve the recipe if I were you.

    I used to like having slices of polenta with vegetarian dishes. I tried buying it ready made but it tasted too salty to me.

    For some reason the idea of banana ketchup makes me go Bleugh! I don't know why!

    Weather is much brighter here today.

    Happy Sunday to you,
    Bearfriend xx