Wednesday, 7 October 2009


My walk today was decidedly chilly! I couldn't resist going for a walk after being cooped up all day yesterday so as I needed some vegetables I went to a local garden centre that has a little farm shop in it. I set off in jeans, a denim shirt and a cardigan, and most of the way there I was freezing! After walking in a t-shirt as recently as Sunday! I'd like to say I warmed up eventually but I think my hands just got numb Free Emoticons
Still, it was quite a nice walk, about 5 miles round trip (and more hills than my usual walk) with a brief pause to say hello to a friendly farm dog along the way. And I earned some extra calories to eat!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries. Followed by a fresh fig. I think I under-ate yesterday to compensate for over-indulging on Monday; I was hungry all morning. Luckily I'd already scheduled an extra snack because my dinner wasn't very calorific so it didn't matter!
The usual chunky soup (which is getting better every day by the way) with a basa fillet poached in it! Plus the same old same old Nimble bread - but I switched the laughing cow light for some Boursin cheese as my fat % for the day was too low.

Remember the sweet potato chilli I made in my slow cooker? Sweet potatoes are one of my favourite veggies, and another is butternut squash - so what could be better than left over sweet potato chilli (mixed with buckwheat) stuffed into half a roasted butternut squash? With a healthy green salad? Probably some other combination of sweet potato and butternut squash, I'm afraid... the squash was good, and the chilli was quite nice but nothing special. Together they didn't quite work. Maybe if I'd spiced up the squash a bit as it baked? Well, anyway, it was OK - considerably improved later on by the addition of some jar Salsa - just not as good as it was in my imagination. Never mind, I have a recipe for sweet potato & butternut squash chilli to make (next week? maybe...) maybe I'll like that better...

Summer fruit protein smoothie, fromage frais with sugar free plum jam, a protein bar... I had the calories for a mini (30 g) bar of chocolate with chilli that I bought at the Whole Foods Market on my last London trip, so I decided today was the day... but after 2 tiny squares I didn't want to finish it, so I think its going to last a bit longer. I'm not sure if its the bitterness of dark chocolate (I know its meant to be good for you, but I'm still not a fan) or the spiciness of the chilli (but I like spice - usually!) but it was just too intense for me. I'm thinking I might melt a couple of squares and try drizzling it on some strawberries next, maybe that'll cut through the intensity.

Anyway, at this point I'm well within calories and quite full and satisfied! Even though its drizzling AGAIN outside and I'm forced to admit that the month of September was as good as our weather's going to get - from here on in its nothing but cold and rain!
Oh, I had some interesting mail order shopping today! 2 packs of green tea - one plain Sencha, one mint & lemongrass,
a bento box (I expected it to be a little more rigid - seems too flexible to use for a packed lunch to me), some shirataki noodles (not sure if that's spelt right - they're yam fibre apparently, virtually calorie-free, but very filling because of the fibre - also apparently flavour free, so I'll be looking for some spicy sauces / soups to use them in) and some strange looking 'crisps' made from edamame beans. I love edamame in every form I've found so far, so looking forward to trying these! As far as I can tell (all the info on the back is in Japanese) the whole bag has about 416 cals, so I'm not planning to eat them until I feel strong enough to weigh some out and leave it at that


  1. Hi Chris. The rain here has been torrential all afternoon. It's only slackened off a bit in the last 1/2 hour. So my planned trip into town to pay bills today was rained off. But I managed 25 mins of indoor walking using a video on youtube.

    I've never heard of those noodles, but I'm all for something that's calorie free! I'll have to look them up.

    I can understand why the squash and sweet potato didn't work - too much starchy veg together? Would need something a little more acidic to lighten it up a bit, or balance it, on the palate. Hence the salsa.

    You seem to approach your maintenance program very scientifically, working out calories used and fat percentages. I think this is what I really need to do next time. I haven't counted calories in many years. I've got to put some brain power into this thing!

    Today I had some dark chocolate - Willie's World Class Cacao, as seen on TV. If you look at his rather eccentric website you get to read how the cocoa crop he uses has been untouched for many years and therefore not altered by modern breeding techniques. It really is the purest thing you could have. Only cocoa solids and raw cane sugar. But I have to admit that although it's the very best stuff you could buy, I still prefer Galaxy!!!! How embarrassing!

    Glad you had another great day.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Your food always looks so yummy! I'm glad you reminded me of the sweet potatoes. I think I'll have some for dinner tonight myself. I do love squash as well. Funny story this week as Bick did the grocery shopping. I had "winter squash" on the shopping list. He came back and said, I got everything on the list except winter squash. They had hubbard squash and acorn squash and butternut squash, but they didn't have any winter squash. HA! So I've got no squash :-)

    Make it a great day!