Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back to walking!

I only walked into Caldicot but it was good to be out again (even though I got slightly wet in a little drizzle). Yesterday I didn't do any real training as you know, and by evening I was feeling restless and dissatisfied with myself - so as we watched a recorded episode of Diet Tribe I walked round and round my kitchen for half an hour - just took the edge off! I think I probably looked a bit like a caged animal on the prowl, but I just couldn't sit still any more! Hard to believe, but I get that way on rest days, even on special days like Christmas Day itself (last year I took a 2 hour walk with my father in law after lunch - and another one on Boxing Day!) I was going to do the yogalates dvd again today, but decided to wait at least one more day as I had some backache again today - I did my back in playing volleyball (insufficiently warmed up) at school, and I don't like to risk going back to that.
Food today:
Porridge made with quakers oats, toffee fudge true whey, a snack box of raisins, teaspoon of linseeds, tablespoon of wheatbran and soy milk. It was too runny again, but tasty!

Grilled vegetable wrap and vegetable soup with quorn 'chicken style pieces' added. As you can probably tell the wrap wasn't big enough to actually 'wrap' around the vegetables, but I mostly managed to hold it together long enough to eat it!

Sausage casserole with baked sweet potato, roasted broccoli and green beans. Only one portion of sausage casserole left now!

Protein bar, nakd pecan pie bar (small), popcorn (air popped with a little oil spray & salt) and some peanut butter... I have to stop keeping peanut butter in the house! Usually I have it for M, but now he's on a diet so I don't need it for him - and I can't resist it myself! I won't replace this jar when its finished (probably tomorrow...Free Emoticons)
Weight today: 10 st 2.5 lbs (142.5 lbs)
Stay Healthy



  1. Hi. We've had a few VERY heavy showers of rain here today. Almost scary it's so heavy. Sounds like you really need a treadmill!

    Your food all looks gorgeous as usual. Especially the sausage casserole. I could just eat that right now!

    All that walking is certainly having an effect on your weight.

    I don't know what Diet Tribe is? Maybe a programme on a channel I can't get - which is a lot. Freeview is such a con! And I have even less channels since the recent retune GRRRRR. I really miss Jeeves and Wooster!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Ahhhhh - your blog is like food porn - love these pictures!

  3. Hey Chrissie,
    I, too, love the food pics. Yummy stuff you fix.

    I had a pleasant walk in the rain today myself. It was raining pretty hard, but no rain - and I had my favorite big umbrella and my rubber boots. It was fun to actually splash in the puddles.

    Nice weigh in! Congrats.