Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ate too many home-made cheese-polenta crackers today!

And I've gone over calories because I ate them as well as the other food rather than instead of... ah well! I think I was due a day of relaxing, and I haven't gone binge crazy, just nibbly. Its been a rest day because my hamstrings are remembering yesterdays downward dogs (for Bearfriend, this is a downward dog (photo courtesy of This is a good downward dog - I can't get my heels to the ground, my ass as high or my legs as straight as in this picture unfortunately - but I'm going to work on that!)
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and a couple of tiny slices of sprouted wheat toast, one with bertolli light olive oil spread, the other with reduced sugar marmalade.

Home-made veggie soup (with home-made cornbread crumbled on top) and a grilled laughing cow & apple sandwich (very unphotogenic as the health grill squashed it flat - so I'm just showing you the pretty soup!)

Baked beans on toast & sauteed mushrooms & spinach. After eating all the crackers I didn't want a proper meal so I resorted to nursery food! But added the mushrooms and spinach to make it a bit more healthy!

One or two or 5 or 6 or maybe 10 crackers.... some of them dipped into lemon & coriander houmous, which turns out to be a greeeat combination!!! protein smoothie and mango & passionfruit protein bar... and ooops, mini mince pie from Waitrose. It was so cute!!! And only 2, maybe 3 small mouthfuls!
Anyway, part of being healthy is listening to your body, and mine was saying that it was time to take a day's relaxation...
Weight: 10 st 2.1 lbs (142.1 lbs)
Stay Healthy



  1. Chrissie, I cannot get my heels even close to the floor while in down dog. I don't know if I ever will be able to, but I try not let that dampen my love of yoga. I may not be doing it right, but I'm doing it right for me.

    I'll have to try that combination of hummus. I bet I would like it, as I love all things coriander.

  2. Hi Chrissie. Thanks for the photo - now I'm clear on what kind of hell you're going through trying to get there!

    I've read on quite a few sites about how sprouted wheat bread is so much better for you than the normal kind. I used to love sprouted wheat and date bread but my healthfood shop seems to have stopped doing it.

    Baked beans on toast used to be my absolute favourite food. I practically lived on it for at least 10 years. But in the last 5 years I have had no interest in it. Very strange.

    Glad you've had a relaxing day.
    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx