Thursday, 24 September 2009

Wednesday in Windsor

Sorry this is so late - the hotel internet died on Wednesday so I couldn't post.
Well, I knew I'd like Windsor as soon as I left the train station and saw this beautiful old pub over the road:

And then hit the Riverside Walk, to scenes like this:

I didn't know in advance that there was a mini 'London Eye' in Windsor, but once I spotted it I couldn't resist

After lunch I went into the castle. The only disappointment there was not being allowed to take pictures of the best stuff!

And a confession. I started the day well with another 3 mile jog, followed by a carrot bran muffin. I'd decided to go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Soon after getting there I started feeling a bit wobbly, I figure because I had been under-fueling again. So I had a HUGE cooked breakfast with cereal and fruit juice as well. I left feeling uncomfortably full, and went to the station to catch the train to Windsor. I started off walking around Eton (feeling sorry for the boys, who seemed to be in disguise - as pin-striped penguins!) and the feeling dodgy came back. So I ate the cereal bar that was to be my mid-morning snack - and the granola bar that was to be my mid-afternoon snack, and felt a bit better. But by the time I got off the Wheel I was feeling peculiar again. Looking back I think it might have been dehydration. At the time it seemed a good idea to go into Starbucks for an Amerciano and some yoghurt & granola. Which brought along a friend in the form of a biscotti. All yummy, but I wish I hadn't...
I then had lunch as well, in the Wetherspoons across the road from the castle - I had 5 bean chilli, which came with rice and tortilla chips, neither of which I could finish. Hey, at least I didn't force it all down! No dessert either - more through incapability than self-control admittedly. After the castle, I was so hot I had some toffee-crunch ice-cream (that was so yummy I still don't regret that). For dinner I had a Turkey subway and a bag of crisps. Carbs through the roof. It didn't feel like a binge - there were gaps in the eating and I didn't have that desperate feeling - but OMG was it ever an over-eating day!

Eating aside, I loved Windsor - in fact I texted M to say I wanted to move there! This was after I went into a wonderful shop called Oil & Vinegar (guess what they sell???) They had a range of olive oils and balsamic vinegars laid out to taste, they were stored in big jars and when you found one you liked you picked a size of empty bottle you wanted and they filled it for you. I bought 2 vinegars - cherry almond and fig flavoured. They are stunning - even though I've always felt balsamic vinegar has such a pronounced flavour, it was genuinely possible to taste - and recognise - the flavourings individually. Fantastic!!! (That shop may be the main reason I decided it was the perfect place to live - despite the price tags on the houses!!!)

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  1. Hi Chris. I was worried when you didn't post!

    Windsor is indeed a very lovely place and as you say with the price tag to match. But the beautiful pictures show why.

    Sounds like you had a real hungry day but you have been on the go all the time so I expect that's the reason.

    I've never had a decent meal in our local Wetherspoons pubs but that chilli looks nice (low fat one?) so I might try it the next time I'm there with The Bear. He always wants fish and chips!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx