Tuesday, 29 September 2009


My mum and her OH are over this evening so I spent the first part of today swilling out the pigsty I allow myself to live in so that it would be fit for actual humans to spend some time in... I hate housework, there's something about spending that much time doing something that will need doing again in ten minutes that just BUGS me - especially as my greatest talents is walking around without falling over when my nose is stuck in a book so I can't even SEE the mess most of the time! I will admit that I like things better after its done, I just don't see why I should be the one doing it...
Food today:
All bran with strawberries
I used some of the leftovers from yesterday's mushroom sesame tofu stew (I'd made 3 portions) to make a rather tasty soup. I dissolved about a teaspoon of miso in some boiling water, let it simmer for a few minutes and then added the stew. And that was it. It was... nice. Not the best soup I ever made, but nice, and a good way to use up some stew, and my first attempt at cooking anything with miso. I had that with a slice of toasted walnut bread topped with goat's cheese and a tomato, and it was very filling.

A home-made black bean burger with a biiiig salad! I just defrosted it and heated it in a dry frying pan for a while, then topped it with hot pepper sauce and chomp chomp.
A chocolate flavoured protein bar before walking into town for some food shopping,

a protein smoothie, and a big fruit salad with fromage frais and a tiny dollop of creme fraiche (reduced fat of course). And just a sprinkle of cinnamon. Lots of fruits and veggies as usual!
Weight today: 10 st 3.5 lbs (143.5 lbs) - this would have me doing my happy dance, but its too big a drop to seem realistic so I'm not pinning too much hope to this one being accurate. I had 1.5 glasses of wine last night, so maybe I was a tiny bit dehydrated this morning? Although I did have a litre of water after the wine... anyway, we'll see how things look tomorrow before I get too excited about it!
Tomorrow we're all going to Cardiff for the day, so lots of walking on the horizon!


  1. Hi Chris. Sounds like you're really on track to reach your goal. I think Tofu is really difficult to cook with because it doesn't taste of anything and has a slightly weird texture too. (I used to eat it before I became allergic to it) So if you managed to make it remotely edible, you did well! Having said that I did used to buy smoked tofu, slice and toast it under the grill and then put it in a sandwich with lots of tomato and salad and it was quite delicious. With the unflavoured stuff I mainly used it in curries or pasta stew with plenty of other veg and flavourings.

    Hope you have a nice time in Cardiff.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. You are doing so well in every respect. I've never had success with cooking tofu. One time I tried to make an eggplant/tofu dish. Everyone, including myself, hated it. I've been a little bit afraid to try again!