Friday, 25 September 2009


Breakfast on Thursday was a toasted ham & cheese sandwich at Costa Coffee

I then went to the brand new Moctezuma exhibit at the British Museum - and back to Whole Foods Market as well. I bought loads of goodies again - and very nearly all of them made it home with me! One thing I tried that was very impressive - at least theoretically - was the series of machines for making instant whole-nut nut butters - no added fat, sugar, or salt (except for one which was salted peanuts). They were literally just canisters of whole nuts, you put a tub underneath and switched it on, and out came ribbons of nut butter - I have never seen that anywhere else! I bought tiny quantities of pistachio, unsalted peanut, and cashew to try - I'm not sure how long they'll last with no preservatives so I didn't risk buying too much. I also bought some cheeses, some crackers, and a loaf of delicious walnut bread. Oh yes, and please note the tinned pumpkin - I know Whole Foods wouldn't let me down!!!

I then walked to Notting Hill Gate to catch the tube (never been there before - and I did wish I could have spared the time to look around) to Holborn, then walked to the British Museum. Before going in I had a snack - a tofu and prune dessert I'd bought in Whole Foods. It was nice - the tofu part was quite creamy and rich, but it avoided the sickliness I would have expected from a dairy based topping like a cheesecake for instance. Unfortunately I've no idea what its calories were.

I then went in and paid for the new exhibit. It wasn't too busy, but there were some annoying brats in there on a school project - they'd clearly been told to sketch lots of the artefacts and that had them crowding around the cases at times so that other people had trouble seeing the items. There were some amazing sculptures, especially the statues of the deities and a pair of warrior heads - a Jaguar Warrior and an Eagle Warrior - and some beautiful goldwork and greenstone jewellery. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it was over-priced though - £12 for an exhibit I viewed in 1 hr. I spent £14 to go into Hampton Court Palace and was there for hours, and the same goes for Windsor Castle - plus the entry fee at the Palace & Castle included an audio commentary while the BM wanted more money for that (I refused to pay on principle - maybe if I had I would have discovered extra layers of complexity in the show that I missed out on!) Sadly no photography was permitted inside the exhibit so I can't show you the artefacts.
I then left the Musuem and had my Whole Foods Market salad sitting outside the building before walking to Tottenham Court Road to get on the tube.

I'd agreed to meet M at his office at 4, and wasn't sure how long it would take me to get there, so I left plenty of time. It was about a 2 mile walk, which I welcomed as I hadn't had time to walk as much in town as normal. I stopped off along the way in a rather nice Country Park and added another couple of miles walking in there as well.

While in the Park I had a small Nakd bar, and that was it till we got home. Unfortunately we ate later than I like to and because I hadn't been around to prepare anything we ended up getting a Chinese takeaway - it was very nice, but not the return to healthy eating I would have liked.

As far as food goes I had 2 good days, one awful day, and one somewhere in between. I got so much exercise in that I'm just about in deficit still, but if I do that again (not planning to at the moment) I will need to tweak what I do again. I think the key changes I need to make are: have a healthy, hot, filling lunch - its my main meal of the day, and skimping calorifically there is not a good idea when burning so many calories. Including protein in breakfast and my snacks is important too; also I want to add more starchy carbs (which should make the other things easier as it means I can have sandwiches). Drink more liquids too. At home I drink A LOT of liquid, away I drink much less in an attempt to avoid the hourly bathroom breaks BUT I'm clearly not very good at distinguishing between hunger and thirst so I need to just accept the possible inconvenience. And I think I need my snacks to be a bit more calorific as well, again to fuel the exercise I'm doing but in a controlled and planned way. I might actually go as far as using sandwiches / wraps as snacks not just as meals, and also take protein bars with me.


  1. Hi Chris. That exhibition was really expensive and to not include the audio in the price is a total rip off. I've seen bits of it on the TV so I know it must have been amazing. Sad they didn't allow photos.

    You've definitely been much more controlled around food than your previous trip so that must feel really good. And you've learnt something about how to cope with trips away from home.

    All in all sounds like you had a great time!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. What a lovely day! If I ever get across the pond, I want you to be my tour guide on a walk about London. I'm envious! Sounds like you've given your travel food good thought.