Sunday, 20 September 2009


The day got off to a bad start when I woke up at 3:30 with the kind of headache that makes you check if someone actually stuck an ice pick in your forehead. I tried to sleep it off, failed, and had to get some painkillers then go back to bed to finish it off. An hour later, and I felt good enough to get up and have breakfast:

And later, to have my usual bowl of all bran (with a nectarine) for a snack.
I had been planning to run today, but due to being tired and still not feeling 100% I decided to settle for walking into town instead Free Emoticons I was disappointed, but then it was an OK day, and I like walking, so I cheered up and enjoyed the walk:

After the walk it was time for lunch - and I was hungry! I grilled some veggies - I'm still hooked, plus they needed using up - and made a quick salad. I also tossed some cooked & peeled prawns with a little Levi Roots Fiery Guava Dipping Sauce - I love this spicy, fruity sauce!

For my afternoon snack I tried to make something a lot of bloggers have been making - banana softserve, they call it, essentially 'ice-cream' made by blending up frozen banana with a little sweetener if required. My blender wasn't up the job though, so I ended up adding berries, fromage frais, soya milk, whey protein & spinach to make one of my nice thick smoothies-in-a-bowl. I suppose they are kind of like soft ice-cream in a way, since the berries I use - and the banana, this time - are frozen. It was delicious anyway.
Now I'm struggling to decide what to have for dinner. I was going to make a tomato risotto with pearl barley instead of risotto rice, but I'm not really in the mood. I guess I'll update later with my final choice.
Not feeling bingey today, so that's good. Maybe I just can't handle an exercise-free day!
Weight today: 10 st 5.1 lbs (145.1 lbs) - a bit disappointing, but I'm pretty sure its just a minor fluctuation. I want to reach 10 st even (or better, a pound or two lower) by the holiday at the end of November, so I have plenty of time even if it does seem to be coming off about 1 oz a week...

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  1. Hi Chris. Strange to wake up to such a bad head ache like that. Do you think you were having bad dreams?

    That lunch looks great. You really went to town on the veg and salad. Some people say they eat frozen bananas just as they are with a spoon and it's like banana ice cream but I've never tried it myself.

    I thought that crocdile would be more like squid for some reason!

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I wish we could develop that different mental filter. I used to think (like Amy H who also left a comment) that shame was useful to stopping the bad behaviour but now I find it just too negative and think Diane fit to the finish has a better idea about being more positive and wanting to lose weight because you care about yourself and not because you hate yourself.

    I tend to think now that caring about myself is the long term answer. Self hatred has stopped me doing so many things in my life.

    And of course I feel upset that you beat yourself up so much about minor dietary transgressions. I suppose it shows just how important it is to you to maintain a good weight and in that sense serves the purpose. But it's bad to feel so bad!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx