Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday again

Very good long walk this morning - about 7 miles. On the way I stopped by a field of cows to say hello. I know its a weird thing to do, but they were annoying me by acting like I was coming after them with a steak knife in one hand and a frying pan in the other so I felt I should show them they had nothing to fear ;-) I chatted for a couple of minutes, slowly getting closer... and eventually got close enough for them to sniff and eventually lick my hand... I wasn't expecting that!!! It was kind of funny in a drooly kind of way...
It was very warm, a very pretty day with almost cloudless blue skies and blazing sun... I waited till later than I'd planned to go out, because I was going to try to fit in a run as well, but it was getting late, and I still felt really full of bran, so in the end I didn't bother. Its a bit annoying as I was planning to try to start up a running program again today. The food was good though, and I walked off lots of calories so I guess it isn't too important.
Food today:
Very high fibre oat & wheat bran oatmeal with banana, protein whey and soya milk
Another grilled veggie sandwich - I can't help it, I love them!
I'm planning a stir fry with stir-fried tempeh today. A picture will no doubt follow...
A smoothie, a nakd bar, and a small slice of home-made seafood pizza (prawn & tuna)
Not impressed with this morning's weight - 10 st 7lbs (147 lbs)


  1. Hi Chris. Making friends with your future dinner ... a novel approach to improving your relationship with food!

    Been a little bit warm for me the last few days. Can't wait for cooler weather next week. Know that sounds dreadful to many people, but I pray for cold weather! I'm sure running must be better in cooler weather though?

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. I seem to be incapable of passing a cow without saying "Moo", nor can I pass a cat without greeting it as well. There's probably a special room for me someplace.