Friday, 4 September 2009

Summer is really over...

I can tell, because when I got up this morning the central heating had switched itself on Free Emoticons
I actually don't mind the Autumn and Winter so long as it is dry - clear, cold and dry is my favourite kind of weather, especially for long walks. But after the summer we (nearly) had, I doubt if that's the way its going to be! Especially as today is my last day at work and I'll have plenty of time for long walks.
Weight today: 10st 5.1 lbs (141.1 lbs)
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and a sausage roll!!! I did grill the sausages myself, and use a low cal. roll, instead of going to the canteen for a proper fry up so I think I've earned some points there!
Houmous and pepper wrap
Dinner: Last night M and I agreed we weren't fussed about celebrating my last day with a takeaway (as is our tradition) given that we both have weight loss and fitness goals to reach by the holiday. Today he changed his mind. I had a plan - and this was it: I may go for the vegetable noodles again or (more likely) some kind of foo yung dish - King Prawn or chicken, probably.
The reality didn't look like that; I decided that as it was my last day today, I wasn't going to circumscribe my treat that way, but would take the evening off. So instead I had a house special curry (with small portion of boiled rice) and just a handful of his chips. It was delicious!
Summer fruit & spinach protein smoothie and a cherry blondie or three!!! OMG these are amazing!!!! The flavour of the cherries is really intense and beautiful!
I'm already planning to add almond extract, slivered almonds and cherries next time I bake them for a 'cherry bakewell' effect - and mashed banana or apple sauce to replace some of the butter. I think I'll be making them at Christmas, along with the World Peace cookies from earlier this week. Unless I've found a really good peanut butter cookie recipe by then!!! Or - gasp! peanut butter blondies...Free Emoticons oh dear, I don't think I've managed to get the baking out of my system yet!!!

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