Saturday, 19 September 2009

Rest Day

I decided not to train, exercise, walk or... well, do anything really... today. I'm feeling very tired (physically that is) and I think its because, although I've pretty much just walked lately (apart from my running, walking, kettle-belling day last week) I've walked a lot. As I think I'm going to be walking around London a lot next week (taking healthy snacks with me to fuel the exercise) I decided I was due a day off. Unfortunately whenever I have a happy weigh in instead of feeling motivated to keep the momentum going I seem to feel as if I've earned lots of extra food, so I've spent the day fighting off a binge!
I've baked (bran muffins, for both M and I next week), I've put nail varnish on (hate doing that, but it does work - and for at least 10 minutes (until I chip them) it does look quite nice). I tried to watch a movie in the living room (far from the fridge and the kitchen cupboards) - but it was a rubbish film (Sex Drive - I know, what did I expect...) so now I'm back at my PC, which is very close to the kitchen's temptations... I'm not giving in yet though...
Food today:
All bran with a nectarine and a tiny sprinkle of muesli

Leftover vegetable pizza with an enormous salad

Crocodile!!! With another enormous salad and a baked sweet potato. I grilled some courgette, aubergine, asparagus, red onion, red & yellow pepper to add to mixed salad leaves and tomatoes, and topped it with pan-fried crocodile slices

2 smoothies with whey protein, differing fruits; a bran muffin (it stuck to the pan and fell apart, what was I supposed to do???); a raw flax cracker from the Whole Foods Market and 3 slices of ham. Oh, and some melon, nearly forgot about that... If I entered what I've considered eating the list would be rather longer....
And now I'm typing this, which does occupy both hands, but is endangering the new nail varnish... and I've spent a little time lying down upstairs, just to get further away again...
By the way, in case I'm coming across as improbably virtuous here, I haven't pigged out - but I am drinking just a tiny bit!

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  1. Hi Chris. Sorry to hear you had a difficult day fighting the good fight. You're in a catch 22 situation it seems - you want the scale to go down, but when it does your urges to binge go up. There must be something going on there psychologically which might be worth investigating.

    I hope the rest of your evening after this post went well.

    Your food looks wonderfully healthy and colourful. But what does crocodile taste like? I can't even imagine it!

    As for that film ...

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx